Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Publix 9/23/09

I think Publix had a pretty decent sale this week for my needs. I left pretty happy.

Here's what I got:

2- 2 Liters of Publix Diet Lemon Lime Soda Reg $0.79 Sale @ $0.50 ea is $1.00

2- 2 Liters of Publix Cherry Cola Reg $0.79 Sale @ $0.50 ea is $1.00

1- Bag of Frozen Publix Whole Green Beans Reg price $1.59

1- Package of Jenny-O Turkey Bacon Reg $2.39 Sale @ $2.00

3- Chicken Tender Banquet Frozen Dinners Reg $1.25 Sale @ $0.87 ea is $ 2.61

2- Jars of Mt. Olive Pickles Reg At $2.19 Sale@ $1.10 ea minus 2- $1.00 coupons is $0.20 for

2- 4 pack of Dole Sugar Free Gel Fruit cups Reg $2.63 Sale @ 1.32 ea minus 2- $1.00 Coupons is
$0.64 for both!

2- Boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats with Pecans Reg $3.51 Sale @ $1.75 each minus 2- $2.00
Coupons is FREE Plus $0.50 cent Overage!

1- Box of Frozen New York Texas toast Garlic bread Reg $3.29 @ $1.65 minus $1.00 Off coupon
is $0.65

2- Marie Calendars Pasta Al Dente Frozen Dinners Reg $3.49 Sale @ $2.50 ea minus $1.00 is

2- Boxes of Ronzoni Ziti Pasta Reg $1.39 Sale @ $0.69 ea minus 2- $1.00 coupons is FREE plus
$0.62 Overage!

2- 3.5lb bags of Purina One Cat Food Reg at $6.99 Sale @ $5.00 Each Minus 2- $2.00 off Target
Coupon and 2- $3.00 Manufacturer Coupon is Both for FREE!

1- Aerosol Can of Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Reg $2.99 Sale @ $1.50 minus $1.00 coupon is $0.50.

1- Cover Girl Professional Mascara Reg 3.99 sale @ $2.39 - $1.00 Coupon is $1.39

Total before sales and Coupons is $61.56

Total After Sales and Coupons is...... $14.46

Monday, September 14, 2009

Publix trip today

I went to Publix today in hopes of finding some of their coupon booklets with no such luck, however I did buy a few things and use a few coupons. This is not one of my best saving days, but it was a pretty good day.

What I Bought:

2 TGI Friday's Steak Quesadillas on sale BOGO @ 3.59 ea. I used a $1/1 Peelie on each box for a total of $1.60 for 2 boxes.

2 Stouffer's Pepperoni and Mushroom Frenchbread Pizza on sale BOGO @ $3.19 ea. I used a $1/2 coupon I received from a mailer.

2 Glade Fabric Refresh Spray Reg Price @ 3.99 ea. I used a $2/1 Peeilie for one Bottle and a BOGO Coupon from a Newspaper add from August.

2 Glade Plug ins Warmer and Gel kit Reg. Price @ 1.99 Ea. I used a BOGO Coupon from Smart Source 9/13.

Total of products before Sales and Coupons was $25.52

After sales and Coupons my total was only $7.78!

I am looking forward to Wednesday when all the new ads come out! Saving money is fun!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Free full size Nature Valley Nut Clusters Snack

Here is a freebie to enjoy, check out
Eat Better America
and Sign up for their newsletter to receive a full size snack of Nature Valley Nut Clusters. Looks pretty yummy!

Free Chocolate Friday

Did you know that every Friday starting at 9am ET you can get a coupon for Free Chocolate! Mars is giving the first 250,000 participants who register each Friday until September 25, a Coupon for the Mars candy bar of their choice. You do however, have to wait until this coupon is mailed to you. But free chocolate is always worth the wait.

Target 9-11-09 Finds

I decided to head to Target today and see what deals may lurk there. I found a few I'm happy with and thought I would share! Sorry I had to use my Camera phone for this one, but promise to use my digital from now on!

Here's how it added up:

2 boxes of Count Chocula Cereal Target sale @1.99/ea. I used a $1.00/2 Manufacturer Coupon from 8/30 SS and 1/$1.00 Target Coupon off General Mills. Total for both was $1.98

1 Carton of Edy's Rocky Road Ice Cream Target Sale @$2.50 I used a $1.00 Target Coupon for Edy's. Total $1.50

1 Dove Ultimate Deodorant Target Price @3.29 I used a $1.00 Target Coupon and $2.00 Manufacturer Coupon Total Price $0.29

2 Trial Size ReNu Contact Solution Target Price @ $1.52/ea. I used a 2/$2.00 Manufacturer Coupon off any ReNu product. I made $0.96 off this find!

1 bag of Chef Michael's Dog Food Target Price @ $4.26 I used a $1.50 Target Coupon and $3.00 Manufacturer Coupon from 8-23 RP and made $0.24 off this one.

Total cost before coupons $17.07 and after coupons I got all this for $2.52!

Feel free to let me know of any deals you find and I will be sure to give you the credit for finding it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My First Post


I have always been interested in living thrifty and just recently have kicked it into high gear. My main purpose of this blog is to share what I have been doing to save money and show my readers where really cool freebies are as well as how to use coupons each week to get some amazing deals.

I will update regularly and also weekly I will post photos of my shopping outings of what I bought along with my detailed savings. I'm hoping to have alot of fun with this. Check back soon!

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