Friday, October 16, 2009

Publix Trip 10-15-09

Today was an alright day at Publix. They had everything I went for except the Snuggle Fabric Softener for $3.00, however I did get a rain check for 4! I will be using my coupons along with that and they will all be FREE! Here is what I did find today:

4 Krusteaz Pancake mix boxes Reg price $2.19 on sale @ $1.10 minus 4/ $1.00 Coupons found in 10/11 SS insert. Makes them each $0.10 ea or total of $0.40!

4 Progresso Bread Crumbs Reg Price$1.83 on Sale @ $0.92 ea minus 2/$1.00/2 Coupons found online makes them $0.42 ea or a total of $1.68!

2 Contessa Frozen Stir-Fry meals Reg Price $6.99 on sale at $3.50 Minus 2/$2.00 Coupons found online makes them 2 for $3.00!

1 Log Cabin Syrup reg price $3.49 on sale @ $1.75 Minus $1.00 coupon found in the September All You magazine Makes it $0.75!

2 Peter Pan Creamy peanut butter Reg price $2.43 on sale @ $1.22 minus 2/$1.00 Coupons found in the October All You Magazine makes them $0.22 each or $0.44 for both!

3 Mars brand candy bars reg price $0.89 ea minus 3/Free coupons I got for signing up on Fridays at Mars website makes all 3 FREE!

2 Boxes Healthy Harvest Pasta Reg Price $1.79 on sale @ $.90 ea Minus $1.00/2 Coupon found online makes them $0.40 each or $0.80 for both!

1 Publix Reusable Shopping Bag (Not Pictured) Reg Price $0.99

Total before all sales and Coupons is $43.99!

After all sales and Coupons total was only $8.06

That's 81% Saved this time!


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