Saturday, October 31, 2009

Publix Trip 10/26/09

I didn't get the chance to get a picture of all that I bought before putting it away, but here is a list of what I got this week at Publix. I had two seperate transactions that day, thats how I was able to get 2 of the Penny Items, which were a box of Kleenex. They were out of the Bathroom Tissue.

10 Kids Cuisine Meals Regular $2.39ea On sale for $1.19ea
I used 5/$1 off 2 Coupons that made them $0.69ea or all for $6.99

2 Boxes of Kleenex regular $2.19 but purchased for $0.01 each
Used the Penny item coupon both for $0.02!

9 Publix 2 liters regular $0.79ea on sale for $0.50ea
No coupons available so all for $4.50

4 Cans of Pringles regular $1.79ea on sale for $1.34ea
I used 2/$1.00 off 2 Coupons makes them $0.84ea or all for $3.36

2 Bagel Bites 9ct Regular $2.19
I used 2/$1.00 off coupons makes them $1.19 ea or both for $2.38

Before sales and coupons total was $46.93

Price after all sales and Coupons $17.25

Wasn't my best week but it was pretty good. If I was able to get my two Rain check Items The percentages would have been much better!
I had to get rain checks for the Honey Bunches of Oats which will be 4 boxes FREE
and The Bob Evans Hash Browns which will be 4 for $1.16


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