Monday, October 19, 2009

A step closer to understanding us Crazy Coupon People

Yeah, I have been there. Watching people with stacks of Sunday Papers heading to their cars. Seeing them in the Aisles with their folders, ads and piles of coupons looking for the right items.

I didn't get it then. Sure I tried to clip some coupons here and there but when it came down to it I had lots more coupons for products I would never buy. Even if I used the few coupons I clipped it appeared that I would still save more just buying the store brand! I just couldn't understand why spend all that money on those papers and magazines?! Why spend all that time clipping?! I figured how I was shopping was working alright for us so I just didn't want to be sucked into that craziness. Then one day a few months ago I was reading a blog on couponing and some of it started to make some sense. I then watched some Youtube videos from some of these other couponing people and how it worked for them and I was blown away with these people saving 70% + everytime they went in a store.

I slowly began to understand that couponing is more than just clipping. It is litterally like a formula. A science really. If its followed just right then WOW! It does take some time to learn it, and for me it just gets easier each week.The sales ads that come out is one of the highlights my week. There are just SO many free items and items for litterally pennies. It amazes me! It does make it very hard for me to pay full price for anything now, even after just a few short months of this lifestyle.

Here is an example of how the couponing game can work. (This is just a scenario that actually I got to do back in August but it's expired now)

Lets say you need some dog food. You have a couple $3.00 off coupons for some Purina dog food.

Now if you are like how I was, you just go to Wal-Mart and buy whatever is cheapest the dog will eat. You may consider just buying the $7 Purina dog food and use the coupon for $3 off. Go home with a $4.00 bag of Dog food and be done.

Well what if you researched a little. Publix happened to have that same dog food Buy One Get One Free. Of course Publix price is $7.99 a bag but the sale now makes it $4 a bag. Well that itself is a better deal already than Wal-Mart's original shelf price. But go another step further. Lets just go ahead and Buy 2 bags of the Dog food. Go to check out and you have $8.00 in dog food. Use both your $3.00 coupons. (This is allowed at Publix on BOGO items) You just walked out with 2 bags of Dog Food for just $2.00!

This principle works with alot of other deals. The best deals usually come from BOGO deals and the use of 2 identical coupons.

Also there is something called coupon stacking which means if there is a store coupon for a product as well as a manufacturer coupon for the same item you can use them together making the product super cheap or free! So if for instance the above scenario with the Dog food had a $1.00 off Publix coupon on any Purina Dog food and you had 2 of those coupons, You could have added that to the purchase and walked out with your 2 bags of Name Brand Dog Food absoulutely Free!

This is why couponers buy multiple copies of the Sunday Paper. There are some pretty great coupon inserts in each Sunday paper. The bigger the city, the more coupons you will probably get in your paper.

Well I hope I have helped a few people learn some things. Believe me this is just a tiny bit of info that can help you save. There are even better deals than this out there on all different products. I will try to keep you up to date on any deals I have found so keep checking back!


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