Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's for Dinner 10-17-09

I think I will try something new on my Blog. I will frequently update various nights that I cook and see how cheap we were able to eat for dinner with all these great deals I have found recently!

So tonight I made:

Hormel Italian Style Pot Roast on Sale $3.50 Minus $2.00 Coupon= $1.50
Frozen Bag Whole Green Beans (Half the Bag) = $0.75
Betty Crocker Sour Cream/Chives potatoes on Sale $0.85 Minus $0.80 coupon = $.05
Pillsbury Crescents on sale $1.00 Minus $1.00 coupon= Free

So this meal cost us $2.30 or .77 each serving!

I'm always looking for some new recipes for cheap yummy dinners so leave me a comment if you have some to share!


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