Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bi-Lo Weekly ad 1-27-10 through 2-2-10

This week at Bi-Lo there are a few good deals. I will finish the coupon match ups throughout the day, however I have most of it up now.

The BOGO deals First!

Kellogg’s Cereal  Apple Jacks, Corn Pops , Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes $1.86

Use -$1/3 RP 1/10
Makes them $1.52ea!
Doritos 11.5-12oz bags  $1.99ea
Sara Lee Classic White Bread 20 0z. loaf $1.25ea
Pompeian Classic, Extra Virgin or Extra Light Olive Oil 16 oz.  $3.51ea
Use $1/1 Printable HERE
Makes them $2.51ea!

Top Care Aspirin Free Pain Relief 50 ct.  $1.99
Hillshire Farms Cocktail Smokies $1.99
Use -$1/2 12-06-09 RP
Makes them $1.49ea!

Armour Heat N. Serve Meatballs 16 oz. bag $1.99
SH Chicken Tenders, Nuggets or Patties $4.00
Lloyd’s Chicken or Pork BBQ $3.50

Use -$1.00 1/24 SS
Makes them $2.49ea!

Jimmy Dean Roll Sausage $1.99
Ready Crisp Fully Cooked Bacon  $1.50
Ball Park Franks $2.25

Use -$1/2 Printable HERE
Use -$1/2   01-10-10 RP
Makes them $1.75ea
Billy Boy’s Pizza 28 oz. $3.99
Sea Best Sea Scallops 16 0z frozen $4.00
SH Tilapia Fillets  $4.00
Piggies ‘n Pancakes on a Stick or Ringo’s Chicken Rings $3.00

Fresh Baked Sub Rolls or Kaiser or French Sandwich Rolls  $1.99
Shedd’s Country Crock Bowl  $1.00

Use -$.50/1 Printable HERE
Makes them FREE!

Jolly Time Popcorn 3 ct. $1.15
Use -$.50/1, $1/2 01-10-10 SS
Makes them $0.15ea!

Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops $2.99lb
Boneless Pork Loin Half $1.99lb
Boneless Beef Chuck Roast $2.49lb
Pork Spare Ribs $1.99lb
Oscar Mayer Bacon $2.99
Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Meats $3.00

Use $1/2 12/13 SS
Makes them $2.50ea!
Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage $2.50
Johnsonville Bratwurst Sausage $2.99
Use -$0.55/1 Printable HERE
Makes them $1.89ea!
Jennie-O Smoked Turkey $2.99lb

Navel Oranges 8lb bg. $5.99
Sweet Peaches $1.49lb
D'Anjou Pears $1.49lb
Fresh Express baby Blends $3.00
White Mushrooms 8oz $2.00
Russet or Red Potatoes 5lb bag $2.50
Beefsteak Tomatoes $2.49lb
Cucumbers $0.79ea
Rawls Collard Greens 1lb bag $1.99
Eggplant $1.29lb


Borden Cheese Singles $1.67
Southern Home Cream Cheese $1.00
Southern Home Orange Juice Gallon $2.98
Southern Home Sour Cream $1.00
Southern Home Dips $1.00

Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice 64oz $3.00
Use -$1/2 RP 11/15
Makes it $2.50ea!
Minute Maid Orange Juice 64oz $2.00
Turkey Hill Tea or Lemonade 64oz $1.00
Use $1/2 RP 11/8
Makes it $0.50ea!
Smart Balance Spread $2.50
Use -$1/2 RP 1/10
Makes it $2.00ea!
Breyers YoCrunch 100 Calorie 4pk $2.50
Use -$1/2 SS 1/3
Use -$0.50/1  SS 1/3
Makes it $1.50ea!
Breyers Multipack Yogurt 6pk $2.50

Dannon Single Yogurts 6oz $0.38ea
Use -$0.60/6 SS 1/3
Use -$1/10 SS 1/3
Makes it $0.18-$0.28ea!
Southern Home Deli Slices Cheese 8oz $2.00
Coca Cola 12pk cans 3/$11
Coca Cola 2 Liters 3/$4
Coca Cola 6pk .5liter bottles $3.00
Dasani Water 12 pk $3.50
Deer Park 24pk $3.99
Ocean Spray 64 oz juice $3.00
Southern Home apple Juice 64oz $1.50
Gatorade 8pk $5.00
Mondo drinks 6pk $0.88

Bertolli Frozen Dinners $4.99
Use -$1/1 Printable HERE
Makes them $3.99ea!
Red Baron Pizza $2.88
DiGiorno For One Pizza $2.79
Use -$1/1 SS 1/3
Makes them $1.79ea!
Healthy Choice Entrees $2.25
Use -$1/2 SS1/3
Makes them $1.75ea!
Pictsweet Steamables Vegetables $0.60
El Monterrey Tornados $2.00
Use -$1/1 SS 10/4
Makes them $1.00ea!
Southern Home Premium Ice Cream $1.98
Southern Home Cooked Shrimp 50ct $3.99
Southern Home Breaded Shrimp Poppers $1.67
Smart Ones Dinners $1.98
Use -$4/10 Printable HERE
Makes them $1.68ea!
Southern Home Yeast Rolls $2.00
Pet Pint Ice Cream $1.25
Southern Home Frozen Treats 6-24oz $2.50


Sun Maid Raisins 6pk $1.67
Southern Home Oil 48oz various $1.98
El Toro Queso Dip $2.00
Mission Flour Tortillas 8-10ct $2.00

Use $0.55/1 Printable HERE
Makes them $0.90ea!
Kellogg's Pop Tarts $2.50
Polamer All Fruit Spread $2.00
Southern Home Cereals Various $1.66
Southern Home Grits $1.75

Hunt's Snack Pudding 4pk $1.25
Southern Home Fruit Snacks $0.99
VanCamp's Beanee Weenee $0.85
Southern Home Spaghetti Sauce $1.50
Campbell's Chunky Microwave bowls $1.67
Use $1.50/3 Printable HERE
Makes them $1.17ea!
Southern Home Ketchup $0.89
Campbell's Chunky Soup can $1.50
Use $1.50/3 Printable HERE
Makes them $1.00ea
Southern Home Thin or Reg Spaghetti $0.88

Southern Home Dill Spears $2.00
El Pinto Salsa $3.00
Hidden Valley Ranch Party Dip mix $1.25
Lipton Herbal Tea 16-20ct $3.00
Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts 16oz jar $3.00
Cheez-it 11.5-14.5oz box $2.98
Use $1/2 SS 12/13
Makes them $2.48ea
Keebler Club crackers $2.98

M&M candy or Mars Minatures 9-12 oz bag $2.50
Southern Home Corn Chips or Cheese Cruls $0.98
Southern Home Potato Chips assort. $1.50
Southern Home Snack Mix 8oz $1.88
Southern Home Party Snack Mix 22oz $3.99
Southern Home Boiled Peanuts $1.00
Southern Home Snack Crackers $2.00

Southern Home Tortilla Chips or Salsa $1.50
Southern Home Trail Mix $3.50
Southern Home Deluxe Mixed Nuts $3.99

Health and Beauty
VO5 Shampoo and Conditioner $0.79
Bic Comfort 3 or Soleil Disposable Razors 3-4ct $3.99
Use BOGO SS 1/10
Makes them $1.99ea!
Crest or Colgate Toothpaste select 6.4oz $2.00
Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel $2.50
Kelloggs Protein Shakes $5.50
Finessee Shampoo or Conditioner 15oz $2.99
Olay Bar soap 2ct $1.99

Top Care Pads 14-24ct $2.00

Purex 50oz detergent $3.00

Southern Home Dish Detergent powder or gel $2.29
Joy Dish Detergent 30oz  1.99

Gain Liquid Fabric Softener $2.99
Southern Home Aluminum Foil 37.5sq ft $2.00
Southern Home Color Cups 20 ct
Luvs Jumbo Pack $6.99
Pampers and Huggies Jumbo $8.99
Use -$2/1 PG 12/27 (Pampers)
Use -$1/1 SS 1/17 (Huggies)
Makes it $6.99-$7.99
Scott Bathroom Tissue 8roll $4.99
Use -$1/1 Printable HERE
Makes them $3.99
Scott Paper Towels 6-8roll $4.99
Use -$1/1 Printable HERE
Makes them $3.99ea!
Ziploc Freezer Bags 14-30ct $2.50
Use -$0.40/1 SS 1/10
Makes them $1.70ea!
Ziploc Disposable Containers 2-6ct $2.50
Use -$0.55/1 SS 1/10
Makes them $1.40ea!
Chinet Plates various $2.00
Use -$2.00 SS 11/22
Makes them FREE!
Chinet Comfort Cups 10ct $2.00
Use $1/1 SS 11/22
Makes them $1.00ea!
Pedigree Crunchy Bites Dog Food 20lb $8.99
Fresh Step 20lb box scoop litter $8.99
Meow Mix Dry cat Food 7lb $7.99
Iams Cat Food 8lb dry $12.99
Iams Dog food 20lb dry $17.99
Iams Can Dog food $0.90
Friskies Party mix Cat Treats $1.25

Cesar Bistro Dog food 3.5oz container $0.75

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