Saturday, January 02, 2010

End of Year Totals

$ $ $ $ $

I am ashamed to say that I wasn't quite as organized as I needed to be for this Final total of savings. I didn't save every receipt like I wish I had done. Also I did not post every trip out :( But I gathered the receipts I could find and what I blogged about as well and came up with my savings! I think I did well considering I didn't really start big couponing until September.

One of my New Years resolutions is to keep track of all my savings so that I can see that amazing year end total. Well here is what I could find for a 4 month of savings.

For my groceries and household items I Purchased in this 4 month Time frame is $722.60 worth of items!

...But I only Paid $163.72!! That's about 78%! Needless to say I have a Pantry full!

Keep in mind I probably have at least 3 more receipts unaccounted for so this total is probably even more awesome. I'm pretty happy with this one. Although I have no Idea why my font will not cooperate in this post, could be me! It is almost 6AM, Time for bed!

Bring on the 2010 savings! Feel free to leave a comment and share yours.

Happy New Year!

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