Saturday, January 09, 2010

I saved over $100! Publix Trip 1-9-09

I had a very very good trip at Publix today! Lots of great deals and coupons to use!

I got:

10 Healthy choice Frozen dinners Reg $3.39 ea on sale $2.00ea
I used 2 of the $5/5 Printable Coupons found HERE and used 1 Store coupon from Yellow Advantage flyer for $1/2 makes them $0.90ea!
*NEW* Watch video reviews for some of these meals HERE

2 Banquet Fried Chicken dinners Reg $1.66ea on sale for $0.80ea!
I used 2 $0.35 off coupons from inside box makes them $0.10ea!

2 Chow Mein Thai Peanut Noodles entree Reg $0.89ea on sale $0.45ea

2 Healthy Choice Fresh mixers Reg $2.99ea
I used 2 $1.00 off manufacturer coupons from January All You Magazine and 1 store coupon $1.25/2 from the Yellow Advantage Flyer makes them $1.37ea!

2 Lenders bagels Reg $1.99 ea on sale $0.99ea
I used $1/2 Printable coupon HERE makes them $0.49ea

2 Packages of Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts Reg total $12.82 I paid $5.95 for both!

1 Package of Idahoan Mashed potatoes Reg $1.25
I used $0.40 Printable coupon HERE making it $0.45!

2 Egg Beaters Reg $2.79 on sale for $1.40ea
I used 2 $1.00 off Printable coupons HERE making them $0.40ea!

2 Lysol Neutra Fresh Reg $3.59 on sale for $1.80ea
I used 2 $1.00 off coupons making them $0.80ea!

4 Boxes of Ritz Bits crackers Reg $2.99ea on sale for $1.50 ea
I used 2 $2/2 coupons making them $0.50ea!

2 Jello Pudding 6ct Reg $2.89 on sale for $2.00ea
I used 2 $1.00 coupons from December All You making them $1.00 ea

3 Peaches for reg price $2.39

2 64oz bottles of Juicy Juice Reg price $3.65ea on sale for $1.82ea
I used $1/2 manufacturer coupon and $1.00/1 Target coupon making them $0.82ea

3 Banquet Heat N Serve sausages Reg price $1.89ea on sale for $0.95ea
I used 3 $0.35 off coupons from inside of the box making them $0.25ea

1 3lb bag of tangerines Reg $3.00 on sale for $1.50

1 12pk of Pepsi Reg $5.39ea on sale for $3.34
I used $1.00 Target coupon making it $2.34!

1 Lean Cuisine meal Reg $3.19 on sale for $2.00
I used $1.00 off Target coupon making it $1.00

1 Benevia Health energy drink 4 pack Reg $8.49ea
I used $5.00 Manufacturer Coupon and $4.00 store coupon from Green Advantage flyer making them $0.51 Overage!

4 Various Sundown Naturals vitamins that totaled reg $14.96 for all 4
I used 2 $6/2 Store coupons and 2 $3/2 Manufacturer coupons makes it $3.04 Overage!

1 Publix 25ft Aluminum Foil Reg $1.19

2 Glade Air Freshner Spray Reg $1.39ea

Totals before any sales and coupons is $147.89

My Total after all Sales and coupons was....... Ready for this? .....$36.67!!

Everything listed makes it 75% off! The amazing thing is if I had happened to have a few other coupons I could have done even better!



The Prudent Patron said...

Ooops, I think I might have closed my window too soon and my first comment was lost. Well, here's what I said:

Very inspiring! I need to get to Publix soon. They have so many great deals this week!

Savingabundle said...

Wow! That's mega savings, great work and thanks for linking.

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