Friday, February 26, 2010

2/28 Sunday Coupon Inserts

There looks to be 1 insert in this Sundays paper.
A Smartsource.

Remember that Coupons are
regional, if you are new to couponing and want
to start collecting coupons, the Sunday paper is
the way to go! How Many should  you buy?
Well it really depends on your own situation.
Some couponers say to buy as many as the
number of people that live in your home.

I normally just buy 4 copies. But if it is going to
be a BIG coupon insert week I will buy as many
as 8! It just depends on what coupons are going
to be in there that I will DEFINITELY want to
use! If you would like info on the best way to
organize your coupons go HERE.

Since coupon inserts vary by location, the smaller
the city the least amount of coupons your going to
get, My hometown, Cleveland, TN for instance,
does not get many coupons at all! I would never
buy that  paper for the coupons! In my area I get the
Chattanooga Times! You can get them for a dollar
at the Dollar Tree and right now Walgreens has
them for $1. Once you start couponing you will
definitely make your money back easily!

Here are the coupons that are being released in Sunday
Newspapers. They will vary by location.
If there is a coupon listed that does not come in
your paper but you just wish you had it or really
need it, don't fret! Simply go to
Coupons Things by DeDe and order just the
coupons, OR Whole inserts that you want!
They are really fast at getting them to you!

Smartsource 2/28

Act II Popcorn, 3pk+/any variety Save $.40/1 (4/30)
Activia 4pk, 8pk, 12pk or Tub Save $1.00/1 (4/30) DND5
Bailey’s Coffee Creamer (non-alcoholic) Save $1.00/1 (4/30)
Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts box Save $1.00/1 (4/3)
Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetable, Pasta or Rice variety Save $.35/1 (3//28)
Blue Diamond Aseptic or Chilled Almond Breeze Save $1.00/1 (5/31)
Bob Evans Frozen Breakfast Item Save $.50/1 (5/2)
Campbell’s Condensed Cooking Soups Save $.30/4 (4/30)
DanActive 4pk or 8pk Save $.75/1 (4/30)
Danimals product listed: Smoothie 6pk or 12pk, Crush Cup 4pk, Coolision 6pk Save $1.00/1 (3/28)
Dannon Dan-o-nino product Save $1.00/1 (3/28)
Dannon Light & Fit Nonfat Yogurt 4pk or 6pk Save $.60/1 (3/28)
Dentyne Gum Single Packs Save $1.00/2 (4/25)
EAS product Save $1.00/1 (4/25)
Ensure 6pk Shakes Save $1.00/1 (4/25)
Excedrin product, 20ct+ Save $.75/1 (4/28)
Excedrin product, 80ct+ Save $1.50/1 (4/28)
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Holder FREE wyb any Glade Relaxing Moments PlugIns Scented Oil Refill Save up to $3.99 value (4/10)
Glade Relaxing Moments 4oz Jar Candles Save $1.50/2 (4/10)
Glade Relaxing Moments 9.7oz Spray Save $1.00/1 (4/10)
Glucerna product Save $1.50/1 (4/25)
GoodNites Sleep Pants, jumbo pack+ Save $1.50/1 (3/28)
Hormel Chili Master Chili product Save $.55/1 (4/28)
Huggies Pullups Training Pants, jumbo pack+ Save $1.50/1 (4/25)
Kleenex Facial Tissue (3) packages or Bundle Pack Save $.50/(4/25)
McCain Frozen Potato Product Save $.75/1 (4/18)
Nescafe Tasters Choice product Save .50/1 (5/28)
Pert Plus for Men Save $1.50/1 (4//30)
Pert Plus, 12oz+ Save $1.00/1 (4/30)
Pert Plus, 25.4oz+ Family Size Save $2.00/1 (4/30)
Physicians Formula Cosmetic product Save $1.00/1 (5/31) ETS
Pledge Fabric Sweeper for for Pet Hair Save $1.00/1 (4/25)
Pledge Multi Surface product Save $1.00/1 (4/25)
Pledge Wipes Save $1.00/1 (4/25)
Post Cereal pictured (cocoa pebbles, golden crisp, shredded wheat, cranberry almond crunch, honey bunches of oats, great grams, honeycomb, fruity pebbles, just bunches, grape nuts or raisin bran), 10oz box+ Save $1.00/2 (4/11)
Post Kids Cereal pictured (cocoa pebbles, golden crisp, honeycomb, or fruity pebbles), 10oz+ Save $1.00/2 (4/11)
Purina One brand Dry Dog or Cat Food, any size/variety Save $3.00/1 (3/28)
Purina One brand Wholesome Entree Dog Food, 13oz can Save BOGO up to $1.49 (3/28)
Red Baron Single-Serve Pizza Save $.75/1 (5/2)
Resolve Bright & White product Save $1.00/1 (4/11)
Resolve Laundry Pre-Treat product Save $.50/1 (4/11)
Rold Gold, 7oz+ bag Save $1.00/2 (4/10)
Schick Intuition Plus Razor or Refill Save $4.00/1 (4/11)
Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Refill Save $4.00/1 (4/11)
Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter Save $3.00/1 (4/10)
SlimShots Liquid Portion Control Save $3.00/1 (5/30) ETS
Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Flavors for Coffee product Save $1.00/1 (4/30) DND5
Splenda Sweetener product Save $1.00/1 (4/30) DND5
Sure Anti-perspirant & Deodorant, 2oz+ Save $1.00/1 (4/30)
Sure for Men Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Save $1.50/1 (4/30)
ZonePerfect Single Bar or Multi-count Box Save $.55/1 (4/25)

(Thanks, Sunday Coupon Preview!)

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