Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Huge Changes to Cooke's Food Store!

I stopped by Cooke's to grab the ad and take a look around. Wow, it is really starting to look great in there! They are currently doing some remodeling and I really like it! I am also very excited to say that Cooke's has started a Rewards program. Basically you get a rewards card from the store, then make sure you register it by going HERE or by calling 1-888-866-9186. The rewards program gives you points for every dollar you spend which can get you free gifts and special offers! Your rewards card also has the ability to have paperless coupons! The card can hold up to 40 coupons. To redeem all you do is have your card scanned at Checkout and your coupons will deduct from your total! I am working on the details of how to add them to the card, but will update that later. How cool is that? Also from now til March 2nd, 2010 you will receive 50 Bonus points for registering your coupon online! This is so amazingly wonderful news to me!
 If you haven't been to Cooke's lately, drop in and give them a visit, and grab a rewards card!

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