Friday, February 19, 2010

My Week-Ending Totals 2/19

I went to 2 stores this week,Publix and Bi-Lo, (Bi-Lo twice)  and I plan to make another trip to Publix since I did so well!

Before sales and coupons My total for all shopping trips would have been: $129.00 (before tax)

After all sales and coupons I only Paid $27.68!

I saved $101.32 This week! That's 79% saved!

Check out some other sites weekly savings:
Saving A Bundle
Mandy's Frugal Journey  
Southern Savers

How did you do? Please link up your savings post below, or simply leave a comment with your savings!
I look forward to seeing your success!!

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Mandy said...

Hey girl!! Came over from southern savers. The link said it didn't exist. Might want to check on that!!

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