Friday, February 26, 2010

Publix Trip # 2 this week 2/25

Another wonderful trip at Publix! It is always
worth the drive! No store can stock my
pantry like Publix! Some of you from
Cleveland have asked how Publix works with
coupons and, Where is Publix? This will
be a long post but I want to make it as
informative as possible!  

Well the Publix I Shop at  is the one in
Ooltewah,TN you can see it from the
Interstate. Its not a terrible trip there and
its definitely worth it! Here are some of
the things you should know about Publix!

#1 They are awesome! They have the nicest,
      most helpful employees! They try really
      really hard to have plenty of stock with
      their sale items. When it happens they
      are out of something, they gladly write
      you a raincheck!

# 2
Publix doubles coupons up to $0.50!
      So your $0.50 coupons you have are
      really worth $1.00 at Publix!

Publix accepts competitors coupons.
     Like Bi-Lo, Food Lion and the one in
     Ooltewah accepts Target as well. I have
     never tried the drugstore coupons but if
     any of you know if they work please let me

You don't have to buy both items in a BOGO
      sale. So if you just buy one, it will ring up
      half off!

If you do buy 2 BOGO items you can use 2
     coupons this is where you will maximize your

Publix puts out massive amounts of store
     coupons! They are everywhere in booklets
     and flyers. It's crazy! Look around the store,
     check the front and most  important, ask the
     customer service rep! ALSO Go HERE to
     sign up for the 4 different magazines or
     mailers they have, they send great coupons
     that way also! You can stack a Publix store
     coupon with a Manufacturer coupon and
     put that with a BOGO sale, you will
     probably end up with overage.
     Which brings me to ...

Most Publix allow overage. It will only
     work to take money off your other
     purchases, they wont give you cash back.
There are probably more reasons why Publix
is so great, but these are the main reasons!

I really hope that this helps you to understand
shopping at Publix!
So if you have never gave Publix a try, you
should make a trip out. This is a pretty good
sales week. This trip I got:

4 Can't Believe Its Not Butter
Reg $2.50 Sale $1.25ea.
Used 4 $0.50/1 Printables HERE (zip 90201)
Final Price: $1.00 for all 4!

4 Lipton Family Size Tea
Reg $2.66 Sale $1.33
Used 4 $0.50/1 from RP 1/31
Final Price: $1.32 for all 4!

2 Ragu Pasta Sauce
Reg $2.30 Sale $1.15
Used $1/2 from a Flyer inside Cooke's.
AND used $1/2 Store coupon from
Multiply Meals Book
Final Price: $0.30 for both!

2 Knorr Sides Pouches
Reg $1.49 Sale $0.74
Used $0.50/2 from RP 1/31
AND Used $0.55/2 Store coupon from
Multiply Your Meals book
Final Price: 2 for $0.06 Overage!

4 Betty Crocker Supremer Brownie Mix
Reg $2.70 Sale $1.35
Used 4 $0.50/1 Printable HERE
Final Price: 4 boxes for $1.40!

2 Pam Cooking Sprays
Reg $3.34 Sale $1.67
Used 2 $0.50/1 Printables HERE
Final Price: 2 for $1.34!

2 Kraft Chunked Cheese
Reg $2.69 Sale $1.66
Used $1/2 From SS 1/24 AND
Used $1/1 Target Printable HERE
Final Price: 2 for $1.32!

2 Bayer Aspirins
Reg $2.69 Sale $1.50
Used 2 $0.50/1 Printables HERE
Final Price: Both for $1.00!

4 Right Guard Sport Deodorants
Reg $2.79 Sale $1.40
Used 2 of $2/2 Printable HERE
Final Price: 4 for $1.60!

6 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
Reg $2.60 Sale $1.30
Used 6 $0.50/1 Printables HERE
Final Price: 6 for $1.80!

2 Starkist Tuna Pouches
Reg $3.20 Sale $1.60
Used 2 $1/1 Printables HERE
Final Price: 2 for $1.20!

Total Before all sales and coupons before tax
would have been: $89.62!

Total after All Sales and Coupons before tax
 was only: $11.22

You can do this too!
You can see all the best deals Publix has HERE

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