Friday, February 26, 2010

Understanding how to shop at Publix for best savings!

I have put this in another post but decided 
I would put this in its own post and inside

Things you need to know about Publix!

#1 They are awesome! They have the nicest,
      most helpful employees! They try really
      really hard to have plenty of stock with
      their sale items. When it happens they
      are out of something, they gladly write
      you a raincheck!

# 2
Publix doubles coupons up to $0.50!
      So your $0.50 coupons you have are
      really worth $1.00 at Publix!

Publix accepts competitors coupons.
     Like Bi-Lo, Food Lion and the one in
     Ooltewah accepts Target as well. I have
     never tried the drugstore coupons but if
     any of you know if they work please let me

You don't have to buy both items in a BOGO
      sale. So if you just buy one, it will ring up
      half off!

If you do buy 2 BOGO items you can use 2
     coupons this is where you will maximize your

Publix puts out massive amounts of store
     coupons! They are everywhere in booklets
     and flyers. It's crazy! Look around the store,
     check the front and most  important, ask the
     customer service rep! ALSO Go HERE to
     sign up for the 4 different magazines or
     mailers they have, they send great coupons
     that way also! You can stack a Publix store
     coupon with a Manufacturer coupon and
     put that with a BOGO sale, you will
     probably end up with overage.
     Which brings me to ...

Most Publix allow overage. It will only
     work to take money off your other
     purchases, they wont give you cash back.

Florida Publix have a little different set of rules
when it comes to coupons and BOGO.
I'm not familiar with that area, but if someone
wants to comment of email me I will add it in.
There are probably more reasons why Publix
is so great, but these are the main reasons!

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Anonymous said...

Florida stores do not double .50 coupons and you do have to buy both BOGO items for the sale price!!!

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