Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful accessories for your sweet girl! Plus Awesome Giveaway coming!

My friend Jenny makes some amazingly cute accessories for little girls and I wanted to feature her on a post in my site. She has been nice enough to write up the post and even offer a great giveaway package of her beautiful makings! You can always see the great things she has made and has available for sale by clicking her Geneva Diva button on the right side of my page. Now get to know a little more about Geneva Diva...

  My name is Jenny Owens and I am the owner of GenevaDiva.  Almost 2 years ago I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter Genevieve and I was so excited imagining all of the cute little girl accessories I would have...then I went shopping and had all my dreams come crashing down around me when I realized how much you have to pay for little girls hairbows and accessories.  I decided right then and there that I was going to change that!  I knew that if I wanted boutique products for my little girl at bargain basement prices, then there had to be more mothers out there who were looking for the same thing.  So, I created GenevaDiva.  My motto is "Making the Adorable Affordable".  I began researching like crazy to create an excellent product at a low price.  All of my hairclips come on "no-slip" velvet lined alligator clips, so they will stay in place in even tiny wisps of hair.  (If you saw my poor bald daughter you would know that this is true!) 
 I am a die-hard coupon-clipping mama who loves to find supplies on the clearance rack and buy in bulk, so I am able to keep my prices very low.  Almost all of my bows are only 2.00-3.00.  I do have a couple that will go as high as 4.00, but even I will pay that for a very special occasion like Christmas or Easter!  Please come check out my website, and enter the drawing here on thefrugalfreeloader for your chance to win some products starting tomorrow! Also, for the entire month of March I am randomly posting a higher-value item for 1.00 EVERY day!!

So go check out her cute accessories and come back tomorrow and make sure you enter in her great giveaway!

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