Sunday, March 14, 2010

CVS Deals

I'm going to try to shop at CVS using deals and coupons tomorrow for the first time ever!  I don't do the drug store deals because somehow, they confuse me. Especially Rite Aid. Everyone seems to be saying that CVS is going to have  a pretty good week so I am going to give it a try.

I know that I will be buying some 2 boxes of Kashi Cereal. It is on sale $2.50ea
I have a coupon for a free box, and I have a Printable for $1.50off I got HERE
So I plan to pay $1 for 2 boxes!

2 Glade Sense and Sprays kits for $6ea
I will Use two $4/1 From Good Housekeeping Magazine
I will pay $4 for 2
(will Get back 4 ECB for this deal)

2 Right Guard Deodorant For $2.50ea
I will Use $2/2 Printable HERE
Will Pay $3 for 2
(get $2 ECB for this deal)

6 Dove Deodorants for $2.50ea
I will use three of the $3/2 Printable HERE
Will Pay $6.00
(get $5 ECB for this deal)

So for this deal I will pay $14 OOP  and will also  leave with $11 ECB.
So that is really like getting everything for $3?
Now the question for all you CVS shoppers, is this a good plan for a first trip? Is there something different I could or should do to make this better. The things I listed are things that I will actually Use or need which is also a reason why I feel this is a good week to jump into the CVS shopping.

(Thanks to Saving Money Wisely site for CVS deals)


Anonymous said...

Scan your card at the scanner and see if any good coupons come out. If you haven't registered yet sign up to get email notices and you might get a $4 off $20 coupon in your email.

FrugalFreeLoader said...

Ooh a $4/20 coupon that could be real helpful! Is it before coupons, or the final total have to be $20?

Anonymous said...

It is before coupons! CVS is wonderful for coupons. Also, if the scanner gives you a CVS coupon for an item you can stack it with a manufac. coupon, using both on the same item.

Some people will tell you to break this into 2 trips, using the ECBs from the first to pay for the second. It will cut down your overall OOP. Personally I don't usually bother since I know I will be at CVS again next week and will use all my ECBs, but if you don't think you will be buying much at CVS soon then it would be worth your while to split the trip.

Jennifer said...

Hi There...Ok...I break transactions apart...So say you bought the sense and spray and get $4 ecb back...Then go and do another transaction and use the ecb you earned before to keep the cost out or pocket low!

Jennifer said...

Im sorry..I see Anonymous just told you the same thing!

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