Thursday, March 04, 2010

More Great deals on magazines!

I don't know why, but here lately there have been so many great deals on magazine subscriptions!  I love magazines! They were one of my biggest fails when it came to trying to be frugal. I don't know what it is. I am in the check out lane, and then Its like they call to me! That gets expensive really fast! Even when  you get a subscription it can still be a pretty pricey deal. The past month I have came across so many offers on Magazines it should keep me happy! There were a couple free magazine offers last month and a couple that were only $3.99!  Well now at Great Deal Magazines they are having a different deal everyday.

For the rest of today March 4th the deal is on Shape Magazine
Today only, It will only be $4.29 for the whole YR!
Go HERE to order!
Tomorrow March 5th, the magazine will be
Mac Life for only $5.29 whole YR!

  So on March 5th Go HERE
PXSS314 to take off 15%
Will only be $4.50 for 1YR!


On March 6th the Magazine Deal will be
Weight Watchers for $4.29 for whole YR!

So on March 6th go HERE


And on Sunday March 7th the deal will be
Seventeen magazine for $4.29 for whole YR!

So go HERE
on Sunday March 7th!

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