Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Cvs Trip with Link Up

I have to first say that it was an experience trying out a new store, with a kind of new method of saving. I went to CVS today the store on Stuart and Keith, in Cleveland and I had mixed feelings on it. I made out my list and scenarios and just new what I was going for, sadly when I got there my scenarios changed a lot!

They were out of all the deodorant that I had any kind of coupon for. It seems that the store I went to is one of the stores that you can shop the sales after 6pm on Saturdays. The Cashier said all the deodorant was gone last night. So that was a small problem in my scenario. Another thing was I read on one site that the Stayfree was one of the ECB earners, so I printed the coupons to take with me but they weren't on sale there. So that was marked off my list.  CVS only had one flavor of Kashi there (which solved the problem of which flavor to pick) It was the Go Lean Crunch.

So Here I am walking through the store thinking, what in the world am I going to buy. But then I remembered that someone had mentioned to scan my card at the price checker machine. So I did, but there were no coupons to print right now! Sigh. I then went and picked up an ad and started to do my own scenario. There was no way I would be leaving the store with no ECB in hand. I have put off drug store shopping far too long.

The first thing I notice in the ad is Herbal Essence on sale for $2.99  and you get $1 ECB. I actually needed Shampoo and Mousse so I looked through my binder and I have a Buy One Shampoo get a hair styling product free, And I also have $1.00 off 1 Herbal Essence product that was mailed to me. So I get the 2 items and stick them in the buggy. 

Next I noticed the Cover Girl Outlast Lip Sticks on sale for $8, but you get 3 ECB for each one limit 2
I have a BOGO Cover girl Face product coupon (lips are on the face right?)  and $1/1 Cover girl product.
So I find 2 shades I like and put them in the buggy.

I couldn't figure out what else to get that they had in stock so I just went and picked up my Kashi Cereal and headed to checkout.

I decided to Split it into 2 different transactions.

#1 transacation
Kashi Go Lean Crunch $2.50
Used $1.50/1 Coupon
Final: $1.00

Herbal Essence Shampoo, and Mousse. $2.99ea
Used BOGO Coupon
and $1/1 Coupon
Final : $1.99

Total oop $3.80 (includ. tax)
Got $1 ECB

#2 Transaction
2 Cover Girl Outlast Lipsticks $8.00ea
Used BOGO Coupon
and Used $1/1 coupon
Used my $1 ECB
Final due: $7.56(includ. tax)

Got back $6 ECB for next time.

So my total Out of pocket today was $11.36
And I left with $6 ECB

I'm not sure how good that is. Considering I didn't start with any ECB its probably an ok trip for a first timer. If nothing else, today was a learning experience. I know a little more now and I have a starting point of 6 ECB to help me out next time. I want to see how others have done this week at CVS. So even if this is your first time please link up below! If you don't have a post to link up the comment, sometimes the best way to learn is through others experiences.


Robin said...

I'm a little new at the drugstore shopping myself, but here's what I do know: you get lots of reward points at CVS for filling prescriptions there, you can get rain checks from the manager when something is out of stock, and once you have some reward points on your rewards card that's when you'll have coupons to print at the scanny thing- I usually have something like $3 off a $15 purchase. Today I spent $9 and saved $30 at CVS with ECBs. Hope this helps!

Jamie said...

I was unaware that the ECBs went on your card instantly....SO glad to know that. Now Im thinking of trying CVS. I lean towards Walgreens usually because it seemed easier but I will give anything a try once or twice to save a buck!

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