Friday, March 05, 2010

New Super Saver store and Coupons!

For my local readers: I took a trip to  the new
Super Saver store just to check it out.If you
haven't heard, the Season's Harvest Market
on Candies Creek has closed and the
Super Saver that was on Georgetown road
has moved into it. It is very nice in there.

So you need to go check it out!
Go HERE to see their Weekly ad with
any coupon match-ups before you shop!
Also while I was there, I spotted so  many
different coupon tearpads! Just look on each
aisle on the stand up cardboard displays of
products and on the end caps.

In the front, on the Coca Cola coolers they
have manufacturer coupons for $0.50 off a
20oz diet coke single. That will double at
Bi-Lo or Publix to a $1.00 off! They don't
expire until 4/30/10.

Please be considerate and use good coupon
ethics when you do find tearpads and blinkies
in stores. The common rule is to take 2 then
walk away. We want everyone to enjoy and
take advantage of finding a good deal and using

Some other Maufacturer coupons I found were:

*$1 off any Kool-Aid singles 12 pack mix ins
Exp 12/31/10

*Buy 10 Regular Kool-Aid envelopes get 2 Free
Exp 12/31/10

*$1 off any Fisher Boy Product 16oz or larger
Exp 7/31/10

*$0.50/2 Crystal Light 10ct Powdered Beverages
Exp 12/31/10 (Doubles to $1.00 @ Bi-lo, Publix)

*$1/2  any loose bottles of Vitamin Water
Exp 4/10/10

Just thought I would share this with you guys so you
don't miss out on some coupons to snag!

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