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Prepaid Wheel and Deal

Tech Deals Talks About Tmobile Prepaid

Hey, I'm Brandon and write the Tech Deals for my wifes website. I wanna start writing articles about different prepaid plans. I believe prepaid is the frugal way of doing your wireless service. Think about it! You are not in any contract. You can quit any time! NO ETF!

What is the BEST DEAL of all wireless carriers in my opinion?

Straight Talk

$30 a month gets you 1000 mins, 1000 texts, 30MB (300 Pages) of web and free 411 calls!
$45 a month gets you UNLIMITED mins, text, web and 411 calls!!

They use the Verizon network! You can use it anywhere Nationwide!

Think about it:

$60 dollars for Talk & Text Unlimited with AT&T
$50 dollars for Unlimited Talk, Text, Web, and 411 with Net 10
$59.99 dollars gets you Unlimited Talk and Text with Virgin Mobile which uses Sprint
$50 a month gets you Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web for Boost Mobile which uses Nextel

no one has so far beat STRAIGHT TALK is the best plan out there so far. They currently only offer them at Walmart stores.

All Net10 phones come with 300 mins of airtime! They are the only one that I know that comes with so many minutes!

They offer two different plans as well. One of them is pay as you go.

1000 Minutes with 180 days of Service for $100
600 Minutes with 120 Days of Service for $60
450 Minutes with 90 days of Service for $45
300 Minutes with 60 Days of Service for $30
200 Minutes with 30 Days of Service for $20

Easy Minutes

150 Min Plan for $15
250 Min Plan for $25
400 Min Plan for $40

UPDATE: Net10 Unlimited Plans
$50 a month gets you Unlimited Talk, Text, Web and 411.

T-Mobile cell phones, cell phone plans, and cell phone accessoriesThere are two different plans of Tmobile prepaid that you can do. One of them is Pay By The Day which is explained below:

Pay $1 a day (only when you use your phone) and for this dollar a day you get:

*Free Unlimited calling from 7pm to 7am to any Tmobile number
*10 cents a minute to any other calls

The other type of plan they offer is where you pay as you go.

$10 Card = 30 mins
$25 Card = 130 mins
$50 = 400 mins
$100 = 1000 mins


and on this plan they offer Gold Rewards

*if you spend more than $100 in prepaid cards you will be in Gold Rewards status. The next card you use after you've reached one hundred will receive the extra minutes due to the Gold Rewards program.

$10 card gets a extra 5 mins w/ 1 year of service
$25 card gets an extra 25 mins w/ 1 year of service
$50 card gets an extra 60 mins w/ 1 year of service
$100 has 1000 mins which already includes the bonus mins with 1 year of service

With every T-mobile Prepaid plan you get:

*Nationwide long distance including Alaska and Hawaii
*Nationwide roaming on the T-mobile USA Network
*t-zones for browsing for HiFi Ringers, Megatones, wallpapers, and more)
*VoiceMail, Caller Id, call waiting, and three way calling

t-zones is not available on every device and airtime will be used while using voicemail, during conference call and call waiting

Additional services:

*Text messaging (10 cents to send, 5 cents to receive, except for the Sidekick plan)
*Picture messaging (25 cents to send and receive)
*Ringtones and wallpaper (prices vary)
*Games and applications (prices vary)
*411 & More directory assistance ($1.79 per call plus airtime)

If you have a Sidekick the prepaid plan goes as this:

*Daily Charge is $1 a day and that covers unlimited e-mail, text, IM and web
*Calls are 15 cents a minute no matter who you call even Tmobile prepaid users.

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