Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rite-Aid ad and coupon Match-up help

I have the navigation tab ready for Rite-Aid but I don't have any ads listed for it yet. I don't quite have the time to fit in another store right now, and a lot of my readers have requested that I add the Rite Aid section.  If you are a blogger and would like to be the site I link to for my viewers to get the Rite-Aid information then please email me at:  Maranda (at) thefrugalfreeloader (dot) com   I have my other 2 drugs stores ready to go and I am so appreciative of Amber at Saving Money Wisely for the Help! What I would like to do is have a post titled with the Rite-Aid deals each week. Within that post will be a simple link to your Rite-Aid deals. I DO NOT want to just copy your content of deals and matchups and just give you credit at the end. That defeats the purpose of your post. I want my readers to click through and read it from your post. This will get you some more readers from affiliation of my site. If you need an example of What exactly I want to do you can take a look at my Walgreens or CVS Navigation tab at the top. Then look at the weekly sales post.  If you are interested in being my readers Primary source of Rite-Aid deals please email me!  All I ask is that you please put my button or link in your blog roll or somewhere on your page so that your readers can also find my site.  This can really help  us both out. I can only choose one site to link to. So let me know if you are interested!

If there are any other stores that you cover, that I don't that you may want me to link to, please let me know and I will consider it!

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