Saturday, March 06, 2010

Share A Sale Affiliate Marketing Site.

This post is mainly for fellow bloggers and website owners. Here is another post to file under Work at Home. I ran across Share A Sale a few days ago when I wanted to affiliate with Best Deal Magazines. I gotta say so far I love them! They have so many different companies that they do ads for and the commission is really good. They also have a great Pay per Lead program. The payout threshold is $50 and they can do direct deposit or send you a check. I met a little over 10% of my payment threshold in less than 24 hours! Other affiliate marketing companies I am with haven't done as well. You can check them out here. It is free to sign up but they will need to approve your site, as well as some of the other Merchants they affiliate will. I recommend them. Here is info on them if you have a site up and ready to affiliate with.

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