Monday, March 01, 2010

Winner of the Pamper Yourself Giveaway is ........

So the Winner of this weeks Giveaway is...
Comment # 19
Adrienne -"We're friends on Facebook too! :)"

Congratulations!!  I have contacted Adrienne and
she has 48 hours to respond or the prize will be
offered to next winner!

To the others that wanted to be pampered there is
a freebie HERE for a free e.l.f manicure kit! I don't 
know how long it will last or how many they have
available, but I hope you all get the chance at this!

Upon reading through the comments I found
that a lot of you just aren't being pampered enough!
I know that life can get really busy and in all that
chaos, we forget to take time for ourselves. It is
important to find some calm in our lives.

Pampering doesn't have to mean bubble baths and
spa treatment, (although that is very nice!) It is about
Putting yourself first and taking time to relax and enjoy
something only for you! You are NOT  being selfish!

Often times we put others first! But we need to put
ourselves first sometimes in order to give our best to

Even if it is just 15 minutes a day.  Make it YOUR 15
minutes! Take a look at your everyday schedule, write
it down if you need to! Now is the time to see where
there may be at least a 15 minute break for you!
Think of something that you personally feel is relaxing
whether it be reading a book, listening to some soothing
music, going for a walk or jog, a nice hot bath, or just
sitting quietly with your eyes closed.

Now try to make a commitment to yourself to take those
little breaks. Ease it into your schedule if you need to.
Eventually this should be routine everyday.

Ways to sneak things in would be, bringing a favorite
book or magazine with you in your purse. That way when
you  are at a Dr. Office, Ball Practice, on a break at work,
or at the park, you can sneak in a few minutes of "you" time.

Some moms suggest putting the kids to bed 15 minutes
earlier and using that time to take a breather before
preparing for the next day.  If you have older children
 that are able to help out with things around the house,
then let them. Have a talk with your significant other to
see if a 15 to 30 minute break from the kids is possible
a few days a week.  Use that time to soak in the tub, go
for a walk or call an old friend and chat it up!  If you have
other mommy friends, schedule play dates and have some
grown up talk time with some tea or coffee while the children
play. Better yet see about arranging where a friend has a
playdate at their house while you take a 30 minute "Time
Out" from life.  You then owe her one later!  I realize
everyones situation is different, but hopefully you each
can find a happy medium between this hectic life and
 finding a calming peace as well.

So declare some "ME TIME", Trust me you earn at
least that every single day!

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