Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ashley Laurens Closet Event Opens to the Public Tomorrow! Plus a Chance to win a $25 Grocery store gift card. Click HERE!

For all my readers in the Surrounding Cleveland, TN area, Don't forget about the Ashley Lauren's Closet event starting tomorrow. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is a huge consignment sale with over 1,000 Consignors coming together to bring you a great variety of Children's Clothing, Accessories, Toys and Furniture. They even have Maternity Clothing. This sale is HUGE. The picture above doesn't even explain it all! They have large quantities of Strollers, Car Seats, Shoes, Children's Books and Games Hair bows and more!

If you remember the Giveaway I had last month with the Geneva Diva Hair bows, She will have her products there to sell! So make sure you checkout all her beautiful things while you are there!

This is a great event with lots of reasonably priced clothing for your children. You really can't beat it when you are trying to stick to a budget!

 This event will be held at Keith Street Ministries Church next to Logan's Roadhouse in Cleveland, TN.
    Hours Open to the public:
  • Monday  --  April 12th  --  9am - 7pm
  • Tuesday  --  April 13th  --  9am - 7pm
  • Wednesday  --  April 14th  --  9am - 7pm
  • Thursday  --  April 15th  --  9am - 7pm
  • Friday  --  April 16th  --  9am - 7pm
  • Saturday (30% off most items!)  --  April 17th  --  8am - 2pm
** While I am shopping there, which will be more than 1 day, someone will be handing out some of my business cards for this website.  On the back of the cards there will be  unique codes.  If you happen to get a business card, make sure to come to my site, and leave me a comment with the code your card has on it. No two codes will be the same! I will have a drawing next week with all the people who entered their codes, and perhaps ways to get extra entries for you guys later in the week. The Prize for that drawing will be a $25 gift card to the Grocery Store of your choice! Hope to see some of you there!

For more information on this sale go HERE!

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