Thursday, April 15, 2010

Check your binder for a Great Mighty Dog Deal! Free Dog Food! Click Here

When I was at Walmart the other day shopping for pet food, I noticed that I had 2 coupons for a FREE can of Mighty Dog 5.5oz. I had never noticed that it was just a free coupon. I must have thought it was a Buy 1 get 1 coupon. I got excited because I love Free things! So I grab my 2 free cans, then I begin flipping through my binder to see if there are any other great pet deals, and there was a $3.00/5 cans of Mighty Dog food. I quickly did the math, as these cans were only $0.57each! That means 5 more cans FREE plus $0.15 overage! Since Hubby has a Discount Card for Walmart, I actually got a better deal than that! I only had 2 coupons for the $3/5 So I ended up with a total of 12 cans of Free Dog food!   ( I think my coupons came in the Atlanta Paper that weekend, and not the Chattanooga Times Free Press)

When I got home that night I began looking for those $3/5 clipped coupons to buy online. I found some for $0.25 each so I ordered 15 of them. I should be getting them tomorrow! I am very ashamed to say, that I had every intention on writing a post about this deal and sharing it with all of you, and I really thought I had! But as I was just looking through my weekly posts and figuring my weekly spending total I noticed that there was never a post written on this dog food deal!  So I am sharing it with you now, though the place I ordered from is sold out!

If you want to do this deal, The coupons were in the Smartsource #1 Insert from 3/28/10. If you do not  have these coupons, then you can order them HERE to get a great price! I searched and searched for you guys and I finally found a coupon clipping service that has them in stock. You will be able to order them from her this weekend as it looks like she will be out of town til then. These coupons do not expire until 5/17/10 so there is Plenty of time to order them, get them and shop! Just keep checking back at her site to see when she is up and available to ship again!  It says there are over 2000 in stock and they will only cost $0.10 for the FREE cans  and $0.15 for the $3/5 cans.  The $3.00 off coupon is the better deal so I would go with that one.

So if you were to order 10 of the $3/5 coupons, It would be $1.50 plus shipping, (I'm uncertain of shipping amount) You would be able to get 50 cans of Dog Food for Free at Walmart, Plus that would mean $1.50 in overage towards something else in your Purchase.  So you will get a great deal on this dog food!  Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this deal!

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