Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Helpful Tip of The Day 4/20/10 ~Cleaning Time With Preschoolers!~

I just realized that I never posted a tip yesterday! Sorry, and I will try to do better!

Today's tip is going to be pointed towards parents with Toddlers and preschoolers, possible children of other ages as well!

Most parents can relate to having young children at home with them during the day.
This can make housework more of a "chore" than it has to be! The best way to less the burden is to get your children involved with what you are doing. There are lots of tips online when it comes to getting children to "help out" in the task of cleaning! When my daughter was younger, one of the things she LOVED to help with was folding wash cloths! She would help me out, Help the grandparents out. Don't they look just so darn cute when they are trying their hardest!

When she was a little older she enjoyed helping load the dishwasher, or holding the dust pan in place.
Getting your children involved is more then just the ability to entertain them while you get things done it will also build their confidence and show them the importance of staying neat! It helps to build character and makes them feel important! Not to mention, you don't have to feel guilty for not spending time with them while you complete your daily tasks!

The following are some tips gathered online to help get your little ones involved in your daily house cleaning lifestyle!

*Feather Duster's are a wonderful tool when it comes to children! They love them! Let your child    go around and dust some things while you do other work, that may not require their "help".

*When it is time for you to clean or dust your knick knacks and such, fill a small spray bottle with water and have them "clean" some of their Plastic Toys.

*Play delivery person. Put various things that need to be put away into a large basket with a handle. Have one of your children be the delivery person and put everything in its place.

*Let your children use Grill Tongs to pick up their toys! If you have more than one child you can make a game of it, to see who can pick up the most!

*Put on one of your child's favorite CD's while cleaning is in progress. Dance around and act silly to help lighten the mood and take "Chore" out of cleaning!

Remember to always give positive feedback for their efforts no matter how well the job was completed. Children love to feel important. They will love the praise and be more prone to helping you clean up in the future!

So how do you have your little ones help out with household tasks?

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