Friday, April 23, 2010

Helpful Tip of the Day 4/23/10 ~Recycling Electronics for Some Cash~

Even though Earth Day has come and gone, hopefully many of you are still feeling the need to do better for the Earth. Plus you may have some extra cash in your home and not know it. If you have any old working electronics that you aren't using, you can recycle them and make some money in the process with MyBoneYard!

MyBoneYard is a great site that allows you to ship your electronic items to them free of charge, and depending on the quality and some other factors, could  make you some extra cash. The items they are looking for are:

Mp3 Players
Digital Cameras
Cell Phones
Game Systems
Film Cameras
Flat Panel Monitors
Camera Lenses

So if you have some things like this lying around your house, you can see what they may be able to offer you HERE! You may be surprised at what you find out! Plus you are helping by recycling!

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