Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Kmart Super Doubles ~ MyTrip 4/7 Click Here to See and Link up too!

Kmart Double Events are taking place 4/4-4/10. You will need to get a shop your way rewards  card if you haven't yet. You can sign up at the register at checkout.  They will double your coupons that are $2 or less making them worth $4 or less!  They will only allow you to double up to 5 coupons a day! So make sure you go each day!  They will only double the first 5 coupons you give so MAKE SURE you give them the right ones first!

I finally got a chance to stop in to get some deals at Kmart during their Super Doubles event. I had an idea to what I was looking for but when I got there, things were priced very much higher than what I thought they would be.

I wanted to take advantage to stocking up on some pet food and litter this week. Well, that's not going to happen. I had the idea that I was going to use my $1/1 Tidy Cats Litter coupon making it $2 off a 10 lb bag of litter. Surely this would make it close to free! Not even close! They had the 10 lb bags of litter priced at $3.49 each! That is ridiculous! Walmart sells it Reg price at $1.77 a bag!

I have saw where other bloggers have posted about getting Whiskas Dry Cat food for free using a $2 off coupon, But my store had it at $5.49, so I couldn't get it for free either. There were other things I noticed that were extremely high! I hope they didn't do a mark up on everything thinking they wouldn't lose any money during this event!

Well enough ranting! Here is the stuff I did get. I figured I would get what I could now, and just come back better prepared tomorrow. Maybe.  One thing I do have to give them credit for, their computer systems seemed very thorough with the coupons. I actually used to work for Kmart for 5 years and I don't remember them being so user friendly and up to date. It had screens popping up to select what coupon went with what, and it auto doubled the coupons, and even was programmed enough to know not to give overage on a product, which most registers don't recognize in my experience. The Cashier didn't have to do a thing manually, it was a pretty easy checkout experience.

4 Vitamin Waters on sale $1.00 each
Used two $1/2 Coupons from a tearpad
$1 doubled 
Making them FREE!

2 Chef Boyardee Micowavable bowls on sale $1.00 each
Used $1/2 coupon found inside Banquet Frozen Meals
$1 doubled
Making them FREE!

1 Febreze Air Effects Spray on sale for $2.50
Used $1/1 from a PG Insert
$1 doubled
Final Price: $0.50

1 Dove Ultimate Deodorant $3.79
Used $2.00/1 printable
doubled only up to $1.79 - (see, smart computer!)
Making it FREE!

2 Snuggle Fabric Softeners $3.19 each
Used two $3/1 from 3/28 insert
Final Price: $0.38 for two!

Before Coupons my total was $20.49 (w/tax)

After Coupons I only paid $2.09 (w/tax)

That looks like 90% Savings to me!

Ok everyone give me some ideas PLEASE!  I need to go back tomorrow with a game plan! Link up your savings post below or comment on what you got from Kmart! Can't wait to see how you did!

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