Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunday Coupon Inserts for Chattanooga Times Free Press 4/18/10

Wow, I'm so sorry. I just realized I haven't even posted to list of coupons that were in this past Sunday's Paper! Am I slacking or what!

Here is a complete list of the coupons that made it in the Chattanooga Times Free Press this Sunday. Print this list and stick it in your binder or where you organize your coupons. It can be a  helpful tool when looking at the weekly match-ups. You can look at the list and know right away if our area got the coupon specified without thumbing through all your coupons AND Also the list can be used to mark the coupons off as you use them so that you know you no longer have them. We have two inserts this week, A SmartSource and Red Plum.

Get the PRINTABLE VERSION HERE to keep with your binder!

SMARTSOURCE 4/18 Chattanooga Times
*Act bottle, 18oz+ Save $1.00/1 (5/31)
*Ban product Save $.40/1 (6/5)
*Ban Solid Save $1.00/1 (6/5)
*Bic Flex4 Shaver 3pk, Comfort 3 Advance 4pk or Hybrid Advance Shaver Save $3.00/1 (5/30)
*Brita Multipack Filters Save $1.00/1 (5/30)
*Brita Pour-Through or Faucet Mount System Save $4.00/1 (5/30)
*Burt’s Bees Natural Toothpaste Save $1.00/1 (7/11)
*Burt’s Bees Non-Lip product Save $1.00/1 (7/11)
*Bush’s Grillin Beans only Save $1.00/2 (5/16)
*Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, 3oz cans, any vareity Save $1.00/24 (7/18)
*Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, Elegant Medleys 3oz cans, any vareity Save $1.00/12 (7/18)

*GoodNites Underpants, jumbo pack+ Save $1.50/1 (5/16)
*Green Works Laundry Detergent Save $1.50/1 (5/30)
*Green Works product Save $.50/1 (5/30)
*Huggies Baby Wipes, 64ct+ Save $.50/1 (5/15)
*Huggies Diapers Save $1.50/1 (5/15)
*Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers Diapers Save $1.50/1 (5/15)

*Moon Pie Crunch, Mini Moon Pie $0.55/1 (6/30)
*Pull-ups Flushable Moist Wipes Save $1.00/1 (5/16)
*Pull-ups Training Pants, jumbo pack+ Save $1.50/1 (5/16)
*Purina Friskies brand Canned Cat Food, (15) 5.5oz cans or 2-12ct or 24ct+ multipack$1.00 off (7/18)
*Purina Friskies Selects Indoor Cat Food, 6-5.5oz cans or 12ct Assort. Pack Save $1.00 off (7/18)
*Reynolds Wrap Foil, excluding 20, 25 or 30 sq.ft Save $.75/1 (5/31)
*Scott Flushable Wipes, tub or refill Save $.50/1 (5/30)
*Scott Naturals Bath Tissue 4+ rolls Save $1.00/1  (5/30)
*Scott Naturals Paper Towels  6+ rolls Save $1.00/1 (5/30)
*Shamrock Farms $0.35/1 (5/31)

REDPLUM 4/18 Chattanooga Times
*Facelift Wrinkle Free PAtch System $5/1 (6/5)
*Motrin PM Save $3.00/1 (8/24)
*Old Spice Body Wash BOGO (6/30)
*Old Spice Fresh Collection Invisible Solid BOGO (6/30)

*Purina Yesterday's News Cat Litter $1/1 (7/18)
*Temptations Treats for Cats 2.1-3oz Save $1.00/2
*Temptations Treats for Cats 2.1oz Save $1.00/1
*Zyrtec Itchy Eye Drops Save $2.00/1 (5/18)
*Zyrtec Any Children's Product $4.00/1 (4/25)
*Zyrtec Any Adult Product 24ct+ $6.00/1 (4/25)

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