Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunday Coupon Inserts Preview for 4/18/10 Click here to See!

There will be 2 inserts this week. A SmartSource and a Red Plum.

Some coupons that I am excited about, and hope to see are:
* Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets Save $2.00/1
* Purina ONE Dry Cat Food Save $2.00/1
* Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables, Rice or Pasta, Save $.50/1 (5/16)

Remember that Coupons are regional, if you are new to couponing and want
to start collecting coupons, the Sunday paper is the way to go! How Many should
you buy? Well it really depends on your own situation. Some couponers say to buy
as many as the number of people that live in your home.

I normally just buy 4 copies. But if it is going to be a BIG coupon insert week I will
buy as many as 8! It just depends on what coupons are going to be in there that I
will DEFINITELY want to use! If you would like info on the best way to
organize your coupons go HERE.

Since coupon inserts vary by location, the smaller the city the least amount of coupons
your going to get, My hometown, Cleveland, TN for instance, does not get many coupons
at all! I would never buy that  paper for the coupons! In my area I get the
Chattanooga Times! You can get them for a dollar at the Dollar Tree.
Once you start couponing you will definitely make
your money back easily!

Here are the coupons that are being released in this Sunday's Newspapers. They will vary
by location. If there is a coupon listed that does not come in your paper but you just
wish you had it or really need it, don't fret! Simply go to Coupons Things by DeDe 
and order just the coupons, OR Whole inserts that you want!
They are really fast at getting them to you!

To see the Smartsource Preview for  4/18 HERE
To see the Red Plum Preview for 4/18 HERE

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