Friday, April 16, 2010

Week-Ending Finale 4/16

Hey everyone! Welcome to my Week-Ending Finale post! Come in and make yourself at home!
Below you will find a great group of bloggers, and their awesome deal posts. I invite you to share yours as well!
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My Weekly Savings
Since I did most of my major grocery shopping last week, I really only shopped for a few needed things and picked up deals only this week. I went to Target, Walmart, and Publix.

My combined store total before coupons and sales was $57.11

After all coupons and Sales my total spent this week was $11.38!

I saved $45.73 This week! That's 80%!

How did you do? Please leave your link below or just a comment telling everyone how much you saved!

You can see how others did at:
Frugal Frollies-Wedensday Weekly Shopping

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