Saturday, May 15, 2010

Helpful Tip of the Day 5/15/10, Frugal Breakfast and Snacks!

Since I began couponing, I have really learned to stretch my grocery budget. But I am still looking for ways to stretch it more! I do my grocery shopping once every two weeks, and just pick up any really good deals in between. During this 2 weeks I decided I wanted to do something a little different to stretch my grocery budget.

I made a batch of Breakfast Burritos and froze the servings individually. These are great for a quick breakfast on the go, very easy to eat with little mess. By making my own instead of buying the manufactured products at the store, I saved lots of money and they are healthier than what's at the supermarket. Here is what I bought and how I made them

2 Packs Flour tortillas  (whatever is the best price) Mine were $1.24 each and gave me 20 in a pack!
*if you are good in the kitchen you can  make your own!

2 Dozen Eggs, I found mine at Cooke's for $0.89/dozen

1 Pack Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon-Got at Walmart for $1.03 with coupon.
(Use can also use sausage if you prefer)

1 16oz pack shred cheese- got for $0.49 at a past Kroger sale!

1 Large onion chopped $0.69

How I Made them:

~I cooked my Turkey Bacon in the Microwave because it is faster and the bacon is crispier and crumbles better. I laid 6 strips at a time and cooked 2 minutes then flipped and cooked an additional minute for each batch.

~Spray some Pam cooking spray in a Large Frying Pan and cook all the chopped Onion until tender

~Crack all the eggs into a large bowl and whisk, then add eggs to the Onions in Pan
(you may have to cook half of the eggs at a time if you have smaller Pan)
Scramble the eggs until fully cooked.

~Lay Burritos on a microwave safe plate and heat for 30 seconds (I did 10 burritos at a time)

~Put a couple spoonfuls of eggs in a burrito, crumble half a strip of bacon on the eggs, sprinkle some shredded cheese, then fold one end of the burrito a third of the way up, then Roll to form the burrito.

I put two finished burritos to a ziploc bag, then froze. I was able to make a total of 40 Burritos out of these ingredients for a total cost of $6.47 or, only $0.16 per burrito! I estimate them to have about 180 calories per burrito

When you are ready to eat just take them out of the baggies and heat 2 at a time for about a minute and a half!  I like to put some hot sauce on mine when they are done, or you could also dip in salsa!

Easy Snack Plan

The next thing I did to stretch the budget was pre-make some snacks! I chose Peanut Butter Crackers.

These Peanut Butter crackers are an easy enough Idea to think up, I just never really thought to do it before in "bulk" I guess you could say. This snack is great because they are already divided up in an appropriate portion, you can grab them when you are leaving. They are great for the kids when you got to make a run to the store and don't want to hear them asking for everything because they are hungry now! I put these in my husbands lunch for work, and since I have them made before hand it makes putting his lunch together easier!

I just purchased a Store Brand box of Saltine Crackers for $0.79 and the Peanut butter was on sale at Publix last week for $0.74 after a coupon! I put 5 Cracker sandwiches per bag and was able to get 15 bags of snacks for only  $1.53, or about $0.10 a bag! I actually still had quite a bit of Peanut butter left too!

Do you guys have any easy things that you pre-make to grab and go! I am always looking for easy and super cheap ideas! Let me know!

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