Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cleveland, TN- ALDI Store to open soon! Opinions on ALDI's?

If you live in Cleveland, TN you will be happy to know that we are getting an ALDI Store, and it will open soon. I am uncertain of the date, but my source says that it appears to be almost done! I will be covering this store personally and will let you know of any deals to grab as soon as I hear of them!

The new ALDI Store is located next to Petco in the Old Books A Millon location! I have never been in an ALDI's before, but I have seen many shoppers get great deals there in weekly savings post. I'm excited to give them a try!

They are a bit different than your traditional grocery store. But the reasons behind this is to cut costs and make prices at their lowest possible!

*They don't give out bags for your groceries, you will need to bring your own reusable bags or buy theirs at checkout! This cuts cost for the store having to buy plastic and paper bags.

*Their Shopping carts are better taking care of because you "rent" them for a quarter. Once  you return the cart you get your quarter back! This cuts costs on fixing or replacing lost and damaged buggies, as well as paying employees to gather up the carts.

*Everything about the stores layout is designed to cut costs so they can keep their prices low.

*They only offer a certain selection of brands, cutting the need to use coupons, (which they do not except) However they claim their quality and prices are 50% lower than regular grocery prices. With that, ALDI  has a Double Guarantee- If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with any product, we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money.

To learn more about ALDI you can go HERE to their site!

Before now the closest ALDI is in Chattanooga. Has anyone shopped at ALDI, and if so how is the experience compared with coupon shopping and quality compared to name brands? 


Mary Chamberlin said...

We've been to Aldi's stores all over the country. So happy to have the new one coming to Cleveland, TN. Great buys on everything!

dusty said...

I went there today and the prices on bread and milk was very good. I also got some trail mix and snacks for work and even though it was not name brand it was a good buy. I will still shop at Bilo's for the things that I have to have the name brands for but this is a great alternative for shopping.

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