Saturday, June 26, 2010

Join Thred Up Kids Clothing Swap, save some money on clothing your child!

Have you ever heard of Thread Up? Well it is a neat little online based company where you can list the clothing your child has outgrown and do swaps for sizes that your child has grown into.

It appears that all you do is pick a box of clothing you like, pay for shipping and handling,($13.00)  prepare a box of items that no longer fit your child, when someone picks your box, send it for free. It's a great idea really.

The clothing listed is gently worn. Regular membership is free, and they have a Pro Membership with some extra perks. If you sign up now you can get 2 months of the Pro Membership free! Click the banner to take a peek!  It just might save you some money on your children's clothing!

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