Friday, July 23, 2010

Put Your Child in an Animated Cartoon Video for FREE!

How much would your child love to be in a cartoon?
How much would you love to be able to do it for free?!

Right now you can upload a photo of your child, (Or Yourself even! Lol) and put that image in an animated cartoon titled a day at the zoo, The Mischievous Monkey! I did this with my daughter's photo and she thought it was great. Once you are done uploading and cropping the photo you want to use, you will be able to watch the completed cartoon starring your child! Then you even get to share it for free with all your friends and family. I would recommend sending a copy to your email as well so that you will always have access to it!

So What are you waiting for? Get started HERE!

FAQ Pulled from their site!

Q: Is this product really free?
A: Yes, it's absolutely free, no cost and no strings attached.

Q: Are the information and photo I provide safe and secure?
A: Absolutely. Our servers are located in a highly secure facility with numerous safeguards in place to keep your data safe. And you can rest assured that we will not use or share the photo you provide with anyone under any circumstances (other than to create your video of course).

Q: Why do I need to upload a photo?
A: This zoo video is personalized just for your child. His or her name will appear in the video, and he or she will also appear as a character in the video, using the photo you provide

Q: How do I upload a photo?
A: It's very easy. Just click the "Browse" button on the screen. This will open a window which will enable you to locate on your computer the photo you want to use. Click once on the name of the photo you want to use and then click "OK" to select that photo.

Q: Where on my computer can I find my photos?
A: This varies a bit depending on whether you're on a PC or Apple computer. If you're on a PC, your photos are likely in a folder called "My Pictures" which you can find by opening the "My Documents" folder

Q: Can I create videos for more than one child?
A: Yes, you can create as many videos as you'd like. After you've created your first video, just go to and you'll be able to create another video. There's no limit to how many videos you can create.

Q: I don't have any digital photos. Can I use a printed photo instead?
A: Sure, you can mail us the photo along with your email address and we'll create a video for you using that photo and email it to you. Mail your photo to: Free Zoo Video, 110 Chestnut Ridge Road, #162, Montvale, NJ 07645. Just click the "I don't have a photo" link on the page to proceed.

Q: I have the photo I want to use on a different computer. What should I do?
A: Simple, just go to on the computer where your photo is located and you'll be able to create your video.

Q: How will my free video be delivered?
A: After you upload your photo and give us the child's name, simply click the button on the page and in a matter of a few seconds your video will be ready. We'll automatically take you to a page where you can view your personalized video and we'll also give you a link you can use to view the video any time you want. We'll even tell you how you can display the video on your Facebook or MySpace page.

Q: What if I want to send the video to other people?
A: We'll help you share your video with as many friends and family members as you'd like. We'll give you a unique link to your personalized video that you can forward to anyone you'd like. And they can share the fun by creating their own personalized video.

Q: Can my friends and family create their own videos as well?
A: Yes. You'll have the opportunity to provide us with the names and emails of people you'd like to invite to create their own video. We'll send them an invitation on your behalf.

Get Started: Click Here to Upload your photo!

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