Friday, July 23, 2010

Week-Ending Finale 7/23

I don't know about you, but I am happy it is Friday! With that comes the weekly savings post. This week I went to Publix and Bi-Lo. Hubby and I went out to eat twice this week, but only because there were some great deals at some restaurants!

I had mentioned earlier this week of a Quizno's coupon to get a small sub meal for only $2.99. I haven't eaten at Quizno's in a while so I didn't realize just how great that coupon was until we went in and saw how much it would have been! It was going to be $16.68 for the two of us without that coupon! This was just for the "Small" sub meals too! But after the coupon we only had to pay $6.56! That included our drink and chips as well! I am hoping that coupon comes back soon! I would love to do that again!

The 2nd night that we dined out was when we went to Moe's for Free Queso and Chips. Hubby had already ate a little so he just enjoyed the freebie! I ordered a Taco and Got the Free chips and queso. I always carry those drink mix ins with me and just order water at restaurants! So we only had to pay $3.28 for that time out! It was really nice to go out and share each others company and not break the bank two nights this week!

Ok, On to the grocery deals this week

At both stores that I shopped at, the combined total before any sales or coupons was: $100.30
Total after all sales and coupons were used for the week: $23.63

So I saved $76.67 in groceries and household supplies this week!

Some other deals that may interest you: 

*$1/1 Printable coupon for Wise Cheez Doodles!
* Make a Cartoon Video Starring your child FREE! (This is fun!)
* Special Build A Bear Sale 7/23-8/5! ANY Animal +ANY Outfit+ ANY Shoes $29.99!
* Diabetes OneTouch Meters at no cost Plus Choose your color!
* Farmville Currency and Cascadian Farm Products Giveaway ends 7/26
* Penguins of Madagascar DVD Prize Pack Giveaway ends 7/24!

How did you do? Leave a link to your savings posts or just comment on your deals below!

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I still trying to figure out how you do it.

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