Friday, July 09, 2010

Week-Ending Finale 7/9/10

This week I shopped at 2 stores, Publix and Bi-Lo.

The combined total at both stores before coupons or sales would have been: $65.84

But after all sales and coupons, total cost was: $18.21

There were quite a few printable coupons that helped me to this total. If you haven't grabbed the deals yet hopefully these can help you too!

Deals for Bi-Lo
 Get: Cinnamon Toast Crunch for only $0.88 using $0.60/1 Printable here!
 Get: Kellogg's Corn Flakes for only  $1.23 using $1.50/2 printable here!
 Get: Tidy Cats Litter 10lb for only  $0.47 using $1/1 printable here!

Deals for Publix
 Get: Birds Eye Voila Meals for only $1.49 ea. using $1/1 printable here!
 Get: Yoplus Yogurt 4pks for only $0.25ea using $1/1 printable here!
 Get: Nature's Own Wheat Bread for only $0.66 using $0.75/1 printable here!(zip 27601)
 Get: Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats varieties for only $1.49 using $1/2 printable here!
 Get: Nabisco Munch Packs for only $2.49 using $1/2 printable here !

AND get some FREE summer samples from your favorite brands here!

 So, How did you do with saving money this week? Link up to your savings post or share 
your finds in a comment below!



Tosh said...

Thanks for link-up! You did great :)
Would love for you to check out my site and link-up!

Glenda said...

Sometimes my best deals aren't always one that I have coupons for, if that makes sense. It might a great deal because a) I can do a lot with it or b) the sale doesn't come around often. For Publix this week: The $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken. That's about $2 off the normal price here and they let me choose the flavor AND I didn't have to cook it. It was a GREAT deal since we've had one meal off it already, I had lunch, the remaining meat will be burritos for tomorrows dinner and I made stock out of the bones/skin etc for soup next week.

Next were the Pillsbury cake mix. No coupon but they were 74/75 cents each. Still nothing new BUT they had the reduced sugar ones included in the sale (which they normally don't here) which is all I use so I did a nice stock up.

Best deal overall was the 7th Generation HE Laundry Detergent (which is all I use as well). Normally $7.99, on sale $4.99 and I had $1 off each coupon downloaded from 7th Gen website. You can download 2 of each coupon and they had a variety of laundry coupons AND 'any product' coupons so I was able to buy lots!!! Here's a link to the website

thefrugalfreeloader said...

I agree, I have gotten many deals with no coupons at all! You are right about the rotisserie Chickens, they can be a great buy and you can use them for so many great things! I had won a coupon for a free bottle of the 7th generation laundry detergent. I had never tried it before but I really like it. I feel like my clothes are cleaner, and I can really tell with my towels when drying off! Thanks for sharing the coupon link!

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