Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food Lion Best Deals and Match-ups 9/1 - 9/7

Food Lion is having an ok set of deals this week! I am excited that they have
brought around the Healthy Accents and Home 360 sale again. Most things
aren't that great because there aren't really any coupons to use with it, but I can
get REALLY cheap cat food so I'm a happy camper!  Here are the best deals
starting for tomorrow's ad at Food Lion.

Healthy Accents/Home 360 Brand Sale
(Buy four items and get a $1 off your next order coupon
 Limit $10 oyno coupons per transaction!)

*Look for the Cheaper Healthy Accents/Home 360 Products if you want to
 get the most out of the deal for least out of pocket.

Example: Home 360 Canned Cat Food on sale 20/$7 = $0.35ea
               Buy 20 Cans = $7
               Get Back $5 off coupon OYNO = $2 or $0.10 each!

Box Tops Deal
(Buy 5 participating items get 20 Bonus Box Tops!)

Participating Items:

  • Progresso Soups - $2.00
             Use $0.50/2 from SS 8/8 insert
             $1.75 each after coupon

  • Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks BOGO @ $2.79
            Use $0.50/2 printable
            $1.15 each after coupon

  • Hamburger Helper - $1.00
            Use $0.75/3 printable
            $0.75 each after coupon

  • Pillsbury Toaster Strudel - $1.67
            Use $0.50/2 printable
            $1.42 each after coupon

  • Betty Crocker Cake Mix - $1.00
            Use $0.75 off Cake Mix and Frosting from SS 8/8

  • Yoplait Kids Trix Yogurt and Splitz - $2.00
            Use $0.75/1 Splitz printable
            0r $0.75/2 Trix yogurt printable
            $1.25 - $1.63 each after coupon

  • General Mills Cereals BOGO
            Use $1/2 printable
            should make them around $1.50 each after coupon

  • Betty Crocker Pouch Cookie Mix - $1.67

*If your doing the deals above only for the Box Tops
Then the Hamburger Helper Deal will be the best deal
for low out of pocket

*Deal Idea*
Buy 6 Hamburger Helpers $1 ea.
Use Two $0.75/3 printable
Pay $4.50 oop and get 20 Bonus Box Tops


Sunny D 64oz - $1.00
Use $1/3 printable
$0.67 each after coupon
(Great for Books for School program!)

Helluva Good Dip 12oz - $1.50
Use $0.50/1 printable
$1.00 each after coupon

Dixie Plates, Bowls and Napkins BOGO @$2.99ea

Use $1/2 printable
$1.00 each after sale and coupon

Shedd's Spread Country Crock Spread sticks 16oz - $0.99
Use $0.40/1 printable
$0.59 each after coupon

Ken's Salad Dressings 16oz - BOGO @$2.99
Use $1/1 from SS 8/15
$0.49 each after sale and coupon!

Haas Avocados - $0.79
Ground Beef Value Pack 73% lean - $1.79lb.
Coca Cola Products 2liters - $0.99
7-Up and Diet Rite 2liters - $0.99

Please let me know if there are any great deals worth mentioning this week!


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Printable Coupons, Shake 'N Bake, Mahatma Rice, Cap'n Crunch and More!

Here are some printable coupons to grab today. Remember that it is the end of the
month and some of these coupons may not be here come the first of the month, or
they may even reset and you can print more!

Family Dollar- Wisk Laundry Detergent $1 a bottle w/coupon!

Family Dollar has Wisk 32 Oz Laundry Detergent on sale for $4 a bottle, There was a coupon that just came out in yesterdays Sunday Paper in the Red Plum insert for $3/1 bottle. This will make them only $1 a bottle!
That is definitely a stock up price for Laundry Detergent!

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BOGO Printable for Lean Cuisine Market Creations Entrees!

Here is another Facebook Printable coupon, Go HERE and "Like" Lean Cuisine.
Then go to their tab labled "The Scoop" You will be able to print a coupon for
BOGO Lean Cuisine Market Creations Entree! These are normally priced around
$4 each, so given a good sale this coupon will make them really cheap!


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FREE Dr Pepper Product Printable coupon from Murphy USA!!

Murphy USA is one of the pages that I have always been happy that I "Liked"! They give the best freebies!
If  you haven't done so yet, then go HERE and "Like" them on Facebook and then go to their Free Dr Pepper Tab and fill out the form to get your coupon!  It will be sent quickly to your email address and has an expiration date of 9/30/10!


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

FREE Business Cards- 10 Pack sample from MOO!

I love business card deals! Here is a sampler pack from MOO to try them out!
You get 10 FREE business cards that you get to create! Just go HERE to get started!

*Free Business Cards are printed with MOO advertising and discount codes.
Only one sample pack is available per person
Free standard shipping is included. If you live in a country where standard 
shipping isn't available, you'll be charged for DHL Express shipping.
MOO currently only ships sample packs to US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, 
Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia & Rep of Ireland

(Thanks Hey it's Free!


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$1/1 Printable For Sunbelt Snacks!

To get your $1/1 printable for any 8-count box Sunbelt snacks, go HERE
and "Like" Sunbelt on Facebook! This can make for a great deal when
these go on sale!


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Helpful Tip of the Day- Newspaper Uses!

I actually posted this back in March or April, I found it saved in my documents, but cannot find the post on my site? So Here it is again. My newspaper pile is getting bulky so I needed this refresher! 

Those of you who do major couponing probably run into the same problem as I do. Each Sunday comes and new stacks of newspapers are bought, only to be used and abused for their wonderful coupon inserts lurking inside. But aside from just taking those stacks of newspapers to be recycled, what more can be done with them?  It does seem to be of such a waste to see them sitting there.

I have researched various sites and found some really neat ideas of how newspapers can come in handy!

Tip #1  Always keep a couple copies in your car, they work well incase of rain. Especially if you have extra passengers and not enough umbrellas!
They also work well in your car during wet or muddy days to give your mats and carpet extra protection keeping your car in great shape!

Tip #2 Newspapers can come in handy in all types of art and craft projects such as scrapbooking and Paper Mache', even when not used In the actual project, it can help protect tables and carpets from the glue, paint or paste used in these projects and makes clean up easy! Donate papers to local schools so that can use them for their art projects as well! HERE is a link to a great site if you want to get into the Paper Mache' thing! It's a very interesting site and has lots of great videos and instructions, really, go check it out! (Thanks, Dan!)

Tip #3 Use old newspapers to clean windows. Simply crumple a couple sheets of newspapers, spray glass with window cleaner and rub the glass with sheets of newspaper. The glass will sparkle. (found at ehow)

Tip #4 Think of any friends or family members who are planning a move soon. Newspapers make perfect protective wraps for breakables or box fillers to make things fit more tightly. Also if you plan on shipping something out, wadded newspaper can make great replacement for those expensive foam peanuts!

Tip #5 Painting jobs: lay newspapers on the floor to catch paint splatters, Or wet sheets of paper and stick on windows when painting window trim, then there are no more splatters on window glass to wipe up!

Tip #6 Line bottoms of Trash Cans incase a garbage bag rips the newspaper will soak up any leaks. Newspaper is also a great odor absorber! Use it to line bottom of Cat Litter boxes, to make changing them and cleaning them easier!

Tip #7  Lay sheets of newspapers in garden beds about 1/4″ inch thick before covering with wood chips, mulch or decorative rocks, will help prevent weed growth. Make sure to thoroughly moisten the newspaper before covering with the mulch so they stay in place. (taken from TipNut)

Tip #8 Instead of pricey wrapping paper, wrap your gifts with newspaper! You can add a pretty bow to take away from the blandness or wrap using the comics section!

Tip #9 When you have used all the Toilet Paper, save the cardboard tube. Then tightly roll newspaper to fit inside the tube long ways. Then store in a dry place. Do this each time there is a new empty tube and when Winter comes, you will have your own Newspaper Logs to burn! (reader shared idea!)

How do you Reuse the Newspapers you have? I would love to hear your ideas!

See More Helpful Tips HERE and be sure to subscribe below!


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Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's the Saturday Giveaway Linky 8/28 Edition!

I recently celebrated my 1000th Blog Post and with that is a giveaway for
a $50 Publix Gift Card! There will be more giveaways in about 2 weeks
when TheFrugalFreeLoader.com will Celebrate it's First Blogiversary!

I am sweet talking my husband into a new look for my site, he is more
creative when it comes to that as well as hopefully more great features
for all of you!

Of course I need to remind you guys that the $35 Jiffy Lube contest is still
going. It is a special giveaway for those who join my forum HERE. To enter,
you have to comment in that giveaway thread I just linked to. After the 10th
person comments the giveaway count down begins and in 5 days a winner will
be announced. Only 4 more entries needed to start the countdown!

So now is the time to list your giveaways as well as enter some too!
Leave a link to  your giveaway posts and be sure to browse some while you are here!


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Friday, August 27, 2010

FREE Chili's Appetizer Printable!

Print a coupon for a FREE appetizer of Chili's Chips and Queso when you join their mailing list! This can help cut the cost down on a fun night out! Click the Print Now banner above to get yours!

Week-Ending Finale 8/27, Saved over $200! Link Up your savings too!

I had another week full of shopping trips! I went to Publix, CVS 2 times, Bi-Lo
and Target! I saved quite a bit this week!

Combined total at all stores before sales and coupons was $300.91

Combined total after all sales and coupons were used: $62.06!!
I saved $238.85 this week!!

**Don't Forget to enter my giveaway for a $50 Publix Gift Card HERE!**


*ChaCha is still hiring work at home guides! I have done this for 2 years
now and LOVE it! For more info on this see my post about working
for ChaCha HERE!*


*FREE Sample of John Freida Root Awakening HERE!
*Ready for some FREE Fall Samples? Check them out HERE!
*$0.50/1 Egg Beaters Printable Coupon (doubles to $1.00!) HERE!
*Sign up for FREE Organic Samples as well, HERE!
*FREE Small Popcorn at Regal Cinemas Printable HERE
 *My Publix $50 Gift Card Giveaway! Enter HERE!

CVS Trip #2 8/21 Saved 95%!

I had to go to a different CVS to do my other shopping plan for my list, and the cashier there was just as nice if not more! During Checkout, she had a coupon behind the counter for $5/$15 to use for some reason, and I also I had a $5/$15 coupon that printed at the scanner! She said as long as I had enough in my totals it would work! Here is what I got!

2 Glade Lasting Impressions Kits Reg $7.99 Sale $5.00
Used two $3/1 printables
$4 for both after coupons!

2 Glade Oils Reg $4.49 Sale $2.50
$5 for both after sale!

1 Cute Journal! $4.99

1 Reeses Cup Reg $0.99 Sale $0.50

Used $5/$15 From scanner
Used $5/$15 given to me by cashier
Used $3 ECB from previous trip

Total before sales and coupons: $30.94

Total AFTER all sales, coupons and ECB:  $1.49!
Plus $2.21 in tax!


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*FREE Sample of John Freida Root Awakening HERE!
*Ready for some FREE Fall Samples? Check them out HERE!
*$0.50/1 Egg Beaters Printable Coupon (doubles to $1.00!) HERE!
*Sign up for FREE Organic Samples as well, HERE!
*FREE Small Popcorn at Regal Cinemas Printable HERE
 *My Publix $50 Gift Card Giveaway! Enter HERE!

CVS Trip #1 8/21 - Saved $28!

Had a great trip to CVS this week!  I was a little confused with the wording of the ad when it came to the Scented Oil Refills. The ad had said they were 2 for $5.00 which included the 1-3ct packages. I had $2/1 Twin refill coupons. However they were scanning at $5.99 each!  So when I took the singles up to the register instead which were $2.50, The cashier told me to go ahead and see if my $2/1 coupons would work since I had planned to use them in my totals, and they did!! I love when managers and cashiers are happy to help!

2 Glade Lasting Impressions kit Reg $7.99 Sale $5.00
Used two $3/1 printables
$4 for both after coupons!

2 Glade Scented Oil Refills Reg $4.49  Sale $2.50
Used  $2/1 printable
$3 for both after coupons!

1 Glade Sense and Spray kit Reg $7.99 Sale $5.00
Used $3/1 printable
$2.00 after coupon!

1 Pack of cute cups  $1.00

*Also Used $4/20 coupon!

Total before sales and coupons $33.95

Total After sales and coupons: $6.00
PLUS received $3 ECB!


*FREE Sample of John Freida Root Awakening HERE!
*Ready for some FREE Fall Samples? Check them out HERE!
*$0.50/1 Egg Beaters Printable Coupon (doubles to $1.00!) HERE!
*Sign up for FREE Organic Samples as well, HERE!
*FREE Small Popcorn at Regal Cinemas Printable HERE
 *My Publix $50 Gift Card Giveaway! Enter HERE!

Bi-Lo Trip 8/25 - Saved $61.53!!

Here are my Bi-Lo finds for this weeks ad:

1 Bag SH Boneless Skinless Chicken Tenders 40oz  Reg $10.99 Sale $5.49

2 Meow Mix Cat Food Reg $5.29 Sale $2.64
Used two $0.75/1 printables
$3.78 for both after coupon!

4 Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Reg $2.50 Sale $1.25
Used four $0.40/1 from SS 8/1 insert
$1.80 for all four after coupons!

1 Bag Ginger Gold Apples 3lb. Reg $3.99 Sale $1.99

2 Tidy Cat Litter 10lb bags Reg $2.49 Sale $1.25
Used two $1/1 printables
$0.50 for both after coupons!

2 Emerald Almonds Reg $5.79 Sale $2.89
Used two $1/1 from RP 8/15 insert
$3.80 for both after coupons!

3 Freshmatic Ultra Imotion  kits Reg $14.59 Sale $7.29
Used three $4/1 from SS 8/08 insert
$9.87 for all three after coupons!

2 White House Apple Sauce 6pk Reg $2.29 Sale $1.14

Total before sales and coupons: $89.90
Total AFTER all sales and coupons used: $28.37!

**Don't Forget to enter my giveaway for a $50 Publix Gift Card HERE!**

*ChaCha is still hiring work at home guides! I have done this for 2 years now and LOVE it!
For more info on this see my post about working for ChaCha HERE!


*FREE Sample of John Freida Root Awakening HERE!
*Ready for some FREE Fall Samples? Check them out HERE!
*$0.50/1 Egg Beaters Printable Coupon (doubles to $1.00!) HERE!
*Sign up for FREE Organic Samples as well, HERE!
*FREE Small Popcorn at Regal Cinemas Printable HERE
 *My Publix $50 Gift Card Giveaway! Enter HERE!

Publix Trip 8/25 Saved $65!

So I bought more than usual at Publix this week.
The sales weren't great, but they were ok on a few items.
I got lots of cereal and some beverages, but not much
in the way of dinners. Here is everything I got this week:

2 MorningStar Farms Entrees Reg $3.99 Sale $1.99
Used two $1/1 printables
$1.98 for both after coupons!

2 Nabisco Ritz Crackers Reg $3.79 Sale $1.89
Used $1/2 printable
$2.78 for both after coupons!

2 Right Guard Deodorants Reg $3.99 Sale $1.99
Used $3/2 printable
$0.98 for both after coupon!

5 Kellogg's Fiber Plus Cereal Reg $4.39 Sale $2.19
Used Five $1/1 Printables
$5.95 for All Five after coupons!
Plus will get back $5 Publix GC
So only $0.95 for all Five after coupons and GC rebate!

4 Yoplait Fiber One yoogurt 4pk Reg $2.50 Sale $1.25
Used Four $0.50/1 printables
$1.00 for all Four after coupons!

2 Fresh Express Salad Blends Reg $3.99 Sale $1.99
$3.99 for both!

2 Campbell's Select Harvest Soups Reg $2.39 Sale $1.19
Used two $1/1 printables
AND $0.50/1 Target Printable
Made $0.12 on OVERAGE!

2 Lipton Tea Bags Family Packs Reg $2.19 Sale $1.10
Used two $0.40/1 from RP 8/1 insert
$0.60 for both after coupons!

2 Diet V8 Splash 64oz.  Reg $3.19 Sale $1.59
Used $1/2 printable
$2.18 for both after coupon!

Total before all sales and coupons: $79.01

Total after all sales and coupons was: $14.34! (after $5GC!)

**Don't Forget to enter my giveaway for a $50 Publix Gift Card HERE!**

*ChaCha is still hiring work at home guides! I have done this for 2 years now and LOVE it!
For more info on this see my post about working for ChaCha HERE!


*FREE Sample of John Freida Root Awakening HERE!
*Ready for some FREE Fall Samples? Check them out HERE!
*$0.50/1 Egg Beaters Printable Coupon (doubles to $1.00!) HERE!
*Sign up for FREE Organic Samples as well, HERE!
*FREE Small Popcorn at Regal Cinemas Printable HERE
 *My Publix $50 Gift Card Giveaway! Enter HERE!

The Frugal Freezer Episode 01: Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles

**Get Your $0.50/2 Printable Coupon HERE!
For Pillsbury Toaster Pastries and Scramblers 
Some stores it will double to $1/2! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday Follow 8/27 edition

 smart and trendy moms

the trendy treehouse

What a busy week! One of the highlights of my week was that I reached
my 1000th blog post!  Also, in 2 weeks we are celebrating the One Year
birthday of TheFrugalFreeLoader.com! I am looking forward to another
year of blogging and saving!  I am hoping to acquire a new look for my
website, so many exciting things to come!

I can remember my very first post, and it doesn't seem all that long ago!
Then my first savings trip that I blogged about. Time has really flown by!

I am having a giveaway to celebrate my 1000th post! A $50 Publix Gift
Card! You can enter that giveaway HERE! In 2 weeks we will be having our
birthday celebration with other giveaways as well so check back for that!

I also feel compelled to tell you that the work at home Opportunity that
I have been doing for 2 years, has their hiring open right now. The
company's name is ChaCha and the job is really fun! To learn more about
it, I have wrote a post dedicated to all about working for ChaCha HERE!

Thanks for stopping by during Friday Follow! I would be happy to have
you as a follower! If you do, please leave a comment and let me know so
that I can check out your blog and follow in return!


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My 1000th Post Giveaway! $50 Publix Gift Card!

I'm so very excited to announce that THIS is my 1000th post here at TheFrugalFreeLoader.com and I am happy to have reached this milestone! I have met some wonderful and helpful people along the way and hoping to meet many more in the future! This website's birthday is actually in a couple of weeks, and I plan to have a few giveaways going on for that! If all goes well, hopefully a new look too!

But for now, there is going to be a 1000th post giveaway and it is going to be for $50 gift card to Publix! I often save the most money with this particular store! If you don't have a Publix in your area and want to enter this giveaway, we can work something out with a different $50 gift card!

I want to hear from my readers on how I can make my site a little more special for you. I know there are a ton of blogs out there that cover couponing and saving money so is there something more unique that you guys are looking for in a frugal blog?

We can review our FREE items in a video series if that is something you would like to see.
As you may have saw in an earlier post, We are teamed up with Frozen Hunger.com so
this is a really neat way to let you see some reviews of products!
We have experimented with podcasts, and can have them more regularly.
If their are other stores you would like to see mentioned more often, let me know and I will
see what I can do to help.

I am also working on getting the whole Coupon101 written tutorial up and then on to the video version of it.
They will be completely FREE resources for you as I will NEVER charge my readers for information!

There are also plans to give FREE couponing classes in my local and surrounding areas. If your church or company is willing to allot me the space needed to give a class for Free, and it is in my area, let me know and we can see about the plans from there.

On To The Giveaway!!

There will be one winner of this giveaway and they will receive a $50 Publix Gift Card or (store card of choice) This giveaway will end Monday September 6th, 2010 at 3:00PM EST. One winner will be chosen from the comments below using Random.org.  Once the winner is chosen, they will be contacted by the email address they provided and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Winning entry will be checked to make sure any required rules were followed before winner is announced. If rules were not followed another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is open to those in the U.S. only.

To enter this giveaway:

*Leave 1 comment with an idea - of something more you would like to see from me or this site. OR just leave a comment with a money saving idea that you have put into use.


*For 2 Extra Entries - Subscribe to Thefrugalfreeloader.com by email, just put your email address in the box below and be sure to open and confirm the email request. Then leave 2 comments that you subscribe by email.

Enter your email address:

*Share this giveaway on Facebook
by clicking the "Share" button at the bottom right of the post. Then Leave 2 comments letting me know you shared! You can do this once each day! Just make sure to leave your comment each time for your entry to count!

*Follow me on Twitter HERE, Then leave 2 comments with your Twitter Name that you are following with.

*Follow me on Google Friend Connect HERE. Then leave 2  comments letting me know you are following!

*For 3 Extra Entries- Blog about this giveaway and then leave 3 comments with the link to your blog post.

Best of Luck!

NEW P&G Everyday Savings Rebate book, $110 in coupons!

I just received an email from P&G and they are at it again with another chance to get a Coupon Booklet with $110 worth of coupons inside! Starting September 1st through December 31st Spend $50 in P&G products before coupons and send in your receipts along with the rebate form HERE,
You will then have a coupon booklet mailed to you!

Here are the steps to take to get this great deal:

Step #1 - Purchase $50 worth of P&G products. Circle the P&G products on your receipt(s).

Step #2 - Print and fill out your rebate form HERE.

Step #3 - Mail your rebate form and receipt(s) to
               P&G Everyday Savings
               Dept. N
               PO Box 900086
               El Paso, TX 88590
               (must be post marked by 01/14/2011)

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. To check your status go HERE.

Here is a list of all the wonderful coupons to expect in your booklet!

Brand Value           Purchase Requirement Number of Coupons
Always $1 Any one Always product 3
Zest or Safeguard $1 On any one Zest bar/body wash OR Safeguard bar/liquid hand soap 3
Bounce $.50 Any one Bounce 3
Bounty $1 Any one Bounty towel 6 ct. or larger 3
Cascade $1 Any one Cascade product 3
Charmin $1 Any one Charmin Mega Roll 3
CoverGirl $1 Any one CoverGirl product 3
Dawn $.50 Any one Dawn product 3
Downy $1 Any one Downy product 3
Duracell $1 Any one Duracell CopperTop 8 pk. or larger 3
Era $1 Any one Era product 3
Gain $1 Any one Gain detergent or FE 3
Gain $1 Any one Gain dishwashing liquid 3
Head & Shoulders $1 Buy one shampoo, get $1 off conditioner 3
Clairol $1 Any one Clairol hair color 3
Herbal Essences/Aussie $1 Any one Herbal Essences or Aussie product 3
Iams $1 Any one dry dog food or cat food 3
Luvs $1 Any one pack of Luvs diapers 3
Metamucil $1 Any one Metamucil product 3
Olay PCC $1 Any one Olay PCC or body lotion (UM) 3
Olay Skin $1 Any one Olay facial moisturizer 3
Old Spice $1 Any one Old Spice deodorant 3
Old Spice $1 Any one Old Spice body wash 3
Crest $1 Any ONE Crest toothpaste (4 oz or more) OR liquid gel (excludes Crest Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar) 3
Crest $1 Any one Crest mouthwash 946 ml or larger 3
Oral-B $1 Any one Oral-B manual toothbrush 3
Pampers $1 Any one Pampers diapers 3
Pantene $1 Buy one shampoo, get $1 off conditioner 3
Pepto-Bismol $1 Any one Pepto-Bismol product 3
Pringles $1 Any two Pringles 3
Secret $1 Any one Secret product 3
Swiffer $.50 Any one Swiffer refill 3
Swiffer $3 Any one Swiffer WetJet 3
Swiffer $1 Any one Duster/Sweeper 3
Tampax $1 Any one Tampax 20 ct. or higher 3
Tide $1 Any one Tide product 3
Venus $1 Any one Venus Embrace 3

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Walgreen's Official Coupon Policy has been released!

It has been long awaited, and long overdue! Walgreens has an official
Corporate Coupon Policy!  So print it out HERE and be sure to take
it with you so that when  you have problems at checkout, they can easily
be rectified (for instance the use of 2 coupons on BOGO Sale!)  This is
great news in the coupon world as Walgreens has been a hassle to shop
at for many!

This coupon policy will be added to the list with the other stores!


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Spread freshness throughout your home!

This is a really simple trick for making your house smell nicer throughout.

1. Drier Sheet
2. Vacuum Bag
3. Vacuum


Before you vacuum, get a drier sheet and put it into the vacuum bag.


 When you use the vacuum, it will smell great and put that smell into the carpet as well.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Virgin Mobile BroadBand Deals!

It looks like Virgin Mobile has just announced a new Broadband2Go plan. It now does UNLIMITED data for just $40 a month! That's UNLIMITED folks! When carriers like Verizon are offering a 5GB cab on they're data at $60 dollars a month! All you need to do is buy a BroadBand Modem for Virgin Mobile which most places have at $79.99. You stick the modem into a USB port on the side of your laptop and activate from there. Then voila!, you have UNLIMITED internet anywhere you go with Virgin Mobile (Sprint) coverage. They also have a lower data usage plan at $10 for 10 days at only 100 MB. Now, the Virgin Mobile website is not yet reflecting these new plans but the Facebook page is so expect it really soon to appear on the main website.

FrozenHunger.Com is now with TheFrugalFreeloader.Com


FrozenHunger.Com is now with TheFrugalFreeloader.Com. All new videos with FrozenHunger will be under "The Frugal Freezer" in the Media section. It shows what meals look like cold, what they look like heated, and how they taste. If you wanna check out some of the past episodes of Frozen Hunger (now The Frugal Freezer) go to  FrozenHunger.Com. Expect the first meal from The Frugal Freezer tomorrow night (Thursday).

TheFrugalFreeloader.Com Presents: Latest Prepaid Video Series

Hi, my name is Prepaid Brandon and this is my Prepaid Phone series brought to you by TheFrugalFreeloader.Com If you have any questions about prepaid phones feel free to email me @ br8nd4on (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks. Each and every Wednesday I will present a new video on prepaid phones/prepaid broadband. If you liked this video please comment below. If you didn't let us know why.

FREE Small Popcorn at Regal Theaters Printable Coupon!

Just visit Regal Entertainment Group's Facebook page and "like" them, You will then be able to click on the coupon tab to print a coupon for a FREE small popcorn from 8/27 - 8/29.  You don't have to buy anything else to get this freebie!

Enter your email address:

Some HOT Printable coupons right now!

Print these great coupons now before they are gone!


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Publix Penny Item 8/25 Greenwise Bath Tissue 4-roll.

The Penny Item today at Publix is the Publlix Greenwise Bath Tissue (4-roll) with
any $10 Purchase (before coupons!)

Look for the Coupon to get the Penny Item in your Wednesday Newspaper. (not the Publix ad)
Though some stores don't require the coupon to get the Penny Item. Also some stores will substitute
a different item if they run out of stock on current Penny Item. 

Enter your email address:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Places to Save Money on Text Books!

                                                         Image courtesy: CollegExperience.net
I'm just going to give you a run-down on the best places to buy text books for school!


These are the most popular sources for saving money on text books. You can sometimes save up to 75% on text books just by using these websites.

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Brandon's Frugal Deal! Free 24 pack Coca Cola.

Hey, my name is Brandon (husband) and I'm here to share my latest frugal find. See the receipt above, that is from my FREE 24 pack of Coca-Cola at Wal-mart. How did I do it? Well, this weekend at the Walmart on Dalton Pike, they offered a deal where you get a FREE 24 pack of Coca Cola  if you sign up for a credit card. You get the free 24 pack even if you didn't get approved. This was a great deal and I did it without Maranda's help!

We at TheFrugalFreeloader.Com do not condone getting credit cards, because, well it puts you further into debt. The reason I tried it is because for some reason at Walmart my application won't process at the register (I knew beforehand) , so they gave me the drinks anyways.
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