Friday, August 06, 2010

ChaCha Guide Update. Have you applied? There may be some info you need to know!

This past week I have been sharing info on the work at home opportunity  known as ChaCha. If you don't have a clue what I am talking about, ChaCha is a wonderful work at home opportunity that is currently hiring! You aren't going to get rich with this but you can make a pretty nice amount to build up for whatever you like.  Christmas is still several months away. I guarantee if you start ChaCha now, you are going to feel less of a pinch on your budget come Christmas.  It will buy ALL my Christmas this year! If your still confused You may want to read my post HERE before going further.

For those of you who have recently applied, (There have been over 100!!)  Several of you appear in a pending status.  What that means is you are in one of a few phases. The application process may be a little confusing so I wanted to take a minute and explain the order of what happens during the application process so that you know what your next step can be. The hiring window is open for a short period of time and once they have enough guides to meet question capacity, they close it for a while.

Some of you may have submitted the application, thinking that was all that was needed, however ChaCha only wants quality guides with quality answers for their customers. So they must make sure you are a right fit. Therefore there will be some testing and grading involved. If you have not heard back from ChaCha, Please make sure you have completed all these steps! If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me at I can help you figure out where you need to go for your next step.

Congrats to the 25 of you (as of 8/5), who have tested and passed and working like busy little bees earning away!

STEP 1 - Is filling out the application, you can see how to do that HERE
STEP 2 -After you fill out the application  You will watch an introduction video
STEP 3- Fill out a W-9 so you can be paid! 
STEP 4- A 20 question timed Multiple Choice test to see if you are a good fit to go farther. Pretty simple test, the only helpful tip I can think of is to make sure to pick the answer that is right, but also is worded the best with lots of helpful info included,
Example: If asked "Who was the First President of the United States of America?"
                                A. The Guy on the dollar Bill.
                                B. George Washington
                                C. George Washinton was the first President.
                                D. The First President of the United States was George 
                                       Washington.  He served as such from 1789-1797.
In this example, all answers are right, however you want to pick the most professional and give extra info to wow the customer experience! So you should have picked D!

STEP 5 - If you did well on the timed test, then they will tell you that you are a good fit and ready for training! You will receive an email (check Junk and spam folders too!!)  with a link to confirm your email and take you to the training page!

STEP-6 On the Training Page, their will be a series of videos to watch with a pop quiz after each video for review. After you have completed all training and passed the pop quizzes you can move on to take the final test. The Readiness Test! This test is very important. You only get one chance and its an either pass or fail kind of test. Feel free to rewatch any of the videos or take a look at the tip sheets provided on the training pages. I know that these steps seem like applying will take forever, BUT in reality from start to the main test, it can be done in less than 40 minutes. The main test will be 10 questions long, but aren't timed. So just relax and do the best you can!

The best tips I can give you for the main test is to concentrate on answering the questions with good quality, punctuation, spelling. Also make sure you never write the word ChaCha any other way except ChaCha.  NOT CHACHA, Cha Cha, chacha and things like that. They are picky with their name! 

STEP-7 Is the Wait and see phase. It can take 2-4 days to have your test graded and receive an email. Some people have received it in a day and others have waited a week.  Once it has been 7 days and you have also checked your junk email folders, you can send a feedback to ChaCha to see if they will send the results.

STEP-8  If you Pass, Congrats! You can now log in and begin taking questions and making money to your hearts desire!  However if you fail, the only other option of working for them is try a different role than what you applied.  They have 2 different roles open right now,  you can read about them HERE

Well that about sums it up. I hope that you have found this useful. If you still don't have a clue which step you are at, or want to know more about ChaCha, I have worked for them for 2 years now and can be very helpful!  Please email me at  I'll get you set up and on your way! 

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