Monday, August 02, 2010

Giveaways- $25 Grocery Gift Card of Choice and $35 Jiffy Lube Gift Card

Since most of my readers are stay at home moms, or people trying to save money or get out of debt, I wanted to spread the word ChaCha is hiring! I have worked from home with them for 2 years now and LOVE it! (That's an understatement!) They won't hire everyone that applies, they are a business so for obvious reasons they only want the best working for them, so you really have to pay attention before the test!

It is all legit and can help you build up money for Christmas or pay off a debt! They have been in business since 2006 and are in the top 100 Websites.  It's a lot of fun too! You work when you want and can make $0.10-$0.20 per question  you answer if you are a Generalist/Specialist Guide. And one big thing is they pay instantly. There is no waiting for a month or two to get your earnings or for them to send you a check. You will even get your own cool ChaCha Debit Card with the Visa Logo on it, no credit check involved at all for that one. If you are hire you can get it!  I don't want anyone signing up blindly on this So you can read more about ChaCha, sign up or just see what to expect, I made an informative post HERE! I have a  giveaway going on for those that sign up under my referral  and take the test to be a ChaCha guide! 

You don't have to be hired to win! I will pick one person at the end of August to win a $25 Gift Card at the Grocery Store of their Choice! Be sure to read up all about ChaCha and what to expect HERE, then apply. Once you have applied and take the test  Your First name and Last initial shows up in my account and that list is where I will determine the winner of the contest at the end of August! There have been 89 sign up so far, but not all have taken the test.   If you have already signed up, don't worry you are entered to win too! This is a pretty good giveaway to enter, because not only do you have a chance to win the giftcard, You are doing it by "hopefully" be able to work for a great fun company!

My 2nd Giveaway is for $35 Jiffy Lube Gift Card if you join TheFrugalFreeloader Forums. 

So, we have a forum now and this can be a really good resource for everyone! You can share your tips and advice with newbies, find where others have shared links to great coupons, You can find great giveaways that interest you, and even put your giveaway link out there! Don't forget to make your great savings ticker, or debt ticker!

There is really so so much more that it can do. I know it takes a while to really build up acknowledgment that this forum exists but I ask that if you have something to contribute then please help your fellow couponers out! I know there are other forums out there, and guess what?  I am a member of those too! Forums are just fun! It is always nice to meet new people, especially when you have something in common! So Please help Spread the word!

Go HERE to checkout the new forums! (takes you to the giveaway thread) Just click "board index" to see all current topics and posts.)

*To help drive interest to the forums I also have decided that there will be a giveaway contest for those of you who take the time to become a member of my forums! Winner will get a $35 Gift Card to Jiffy Lube to get there oil changed! Go HERE to see my post in the Forums about this giveaway and how to  register!

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