Sunday, August 29, 2010

Helpful Tip of the Day- Newspaper Uses!

I actually posted this back in March or April, I found it saved in my documents, but cannot find the post on my site? So Here it is again. My newspaper pile is getting bulky so I needed this refresher! 

Those of you who do major couponing probably run into the same problem as I do. Each Sunday comes and new stacks of newspapers are bought, only to be used and abused for their wonderful coupon inserts lurking inside. But aside from just taking those stacks of newspapers to be recycled, what more can be done with them?  It does seem to be of such a waste to see them sitting there.

I have researched various sites and found some really neat ideas of how newspapers can come in handy!

Tip #1  Always keep a couple copies in your car, they work well incase of rain. Especially if you have extra passengers and not enough umbrellas!
They also work well in your car during wet or muddy days to give your mats and carpet extra protection keeping your car in great shape!

Tip #2 Newspapers can come in handy in all types of art and craft projects such as scrapbooking and Paper Mache', even when not used In the actual project, it can help protect tables and carpets from the glue, paint or paste used in these projects and makes clean up easy! Donate papers to local schools so that can use them for their art projects as well! HERE is a link to a great site if you want to get into the Paper Mache' thing! It's a very interesting site and has lots of great videos and instructions, really, go check it out! (Thanks, Dan!)

Tip #3 Use old newspapers to clean windows. Simply crumple a couple sheets of newspapers, spray glass with window cleaner and rub the glass with sheets of newspaper. The glass will sparkle. (found at ehow)

Tip #4 Think of any friends or family members who are planning a move soon. Newspapers make perfect protective wraps for breakables or box fillers to make things fit more tightly. Also if you plan on shipping something out, wadded newspaper can make great replacement for those expensive foam peanuts!

Tip #5 Painting jobs: lay newspapers on the floor to catch paint splatters, Or wet sheets of paper and stick on windows when painting window trim, then there are no more splatters on window glass to wipe up!

Tip #6 Line bottoms of Trash Cans incase a garbage bag rips the newspaper will soak up any leaks. Newspaper is also a great odor absorber! Use it to line bottom of Cat Litter boxes, to make changing them and cleaning them easier!

Tip #7  Lay sheets of newspapers in garden beds about 1/4″ inch thick before covering with wood chips, mulch or decorative rocks, will help prevent weed growth. Make sure to thoroughly moisten the newspaper before covering with the mulch so they stay in place. (taken from TipNut)

Tip #8 Instead of pricey wrapping paper, wrap your gifts with newspaper! You can add a pretty bow to take away from the blandness or wrap using the comics section!

Tip #9 When you have used all the Toilet Paper, save the cardboard tube. Then tightly roll newspaper to fit inside the tube long ways. Then store in a dry place. Do this each time there is a new empty tube and when Winter comes, you will have your own Newspaper Logs to burn! (reader shared idea!)

How do you Reuse the Newspapers you have? I would love to hear your ideas!

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Dan (the Monster-Man) Reeder said...

I stumbled across your blog and couldn't resist responding to your inquiry about how I reuse newspaper. In fact, as you suggested with paper mache, I make dragons with them. Stop by my site and see them. I suspect some of you will start using your newspapers for art as well. And thank you for helping the planet.

maranda1 said...

I just checked out your site! Really interesting! I haven't done paper mache since Jr High, however your site makes me want to give it a try again with my daughter! I'm thinking some Halloween themed Decor! Thanks so much for sharing. I posted your link within my post above as well.

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