Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brandon's Frugal Deal! Free 24 pack Coca Cola.

Hey, my name is Brandon (husband) and I'm here to share my latest frugal find. See the receipt above, that is from my FREE 24 pack of Coca-Cola at Wal-mart. How did I do it? Well, this weekend at the Walmart on Dalton Pike, they offered a deal where you get a FREE 24 pack of Coca Cola  if you sign up for a credit card. You get the free 24 pack even if you didn't get approved. This was a great deal and I did it without Maranda's help!

We at TheFrugalFreeloader.Com do not condone getting credit cards, because, well it puts you further into debt. The reason I tried it is because for some reason at Walmart my application won't process at the register (I knew beforehand) , so they gave me the drinks anyways.

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