Friday, September 24, 2010

Publix Trip 9/23/10 $106 for only $15!

Publix is having a great sale this week with lots of things under a $1!
I headed out with my  list and coupons in hand and did really well!
Planning on going a 2nd round in a few days! I can tell you one
thing about this week's ad, You can have breakfast on the cheap
for months if you stock up!
Here is what I got:

6 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt 4packs Reg $2.50 Sale $1.25
  Used six $0.50/1 printables here
  $1.50 for all six after coupon!

6 Martha White Muffin Mixes, Reg $1.19? Sale $0.75
  Used six $0.35/1 printables here
   $0.30 for all six after coupons!

4 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Reg $2.39 Sale $1.19
   Used two $0.50/2 printables here
   $2.76 for all four after coupons!

2 Egg Beaters Reg $2.79 Sale $1.66
    Used two  $0.50/1 Printables here
    $1.32 for both after coupons!

2 Fiber One Chewy Bars Reg $3.39 Sale $2.00
   Used two $0.50/1 printables here
   $2.00 for Both after coupons!
4 Nestle Toll House Refridge. Cookies Reg $2.89 Sale $1.44
  Used $1/1 printable here
  $1.76 for all four after coupons!

6 Cinnabon Pancakes Reg $2.79 Sale $1.40
   Used Six $1/1 from Parade 8/15 issue
   $2.40 for all six after coupons!

4 Progresso Soups Reg $2.29 Sale $1.14
   Used $1/4 printable here
   $3.56 for all four after coupons

4 Krusteaz Waffle Mix Reg $2.29 Sale $1.14
  Used $0.50/1 from SS 8/22 insert
  $0.56 for all four after coupons!

2 Wishbone Salad dressings Reg $2.69 Sale $1.35
   Used two $0.50/1 printables here
   AND two $0.75/1 Target printables here
  FREE plus $0.80 Overage!

2 Glade Scented Oil 2pks Reg $5.49 Sale $2.74
   Used two $0.50/1 Publix Store coupons from For all the Fam. Fav. Book
   AND two $2/1 from September All You Magazine
   $0.48 for both after coupons!

Total BEFORE any sales and coupons were used: $106.48!

Total AFTER all sales and coupons were used: $15.84!

Both totals are before any taxes! I saved $90 this week!

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Allthatglitters2009 said...

You did great!!!

Carrie said...

what zip did you use for the Martha White muffin mix? You did awesome!!!

Maranda said...

Try 90210

thefrugalfreeloader said...

I don't know what's up with this comment system today! 90210 is the zip I used for the muffin mix

Kari said...

Just discovered your site today--thanks for sharing your deals! I printed some coupons but wasn't able to get the Martha White muffin mix one to show up. Darn--I really wanted that one, too! LOL

Kari said...

I still couldn't get it to show up.

Kari said...

Ok, I do see one that way. Except it's .55/2 instead of .35/1. Weird!! LOL

Lovemy3kiddos said...

Hi, just wondering on your Fiber One Yogurts...when I printed, it says at the top "Do Not Double or Triple"... but by what you say you paid, looks like they did double yours? Just wondering if Publix pays attention to that, or if for some reason yours did not say that...Thanks!

Lovemy3kiddos said...

Ok, great... guess it won't hurt to try :) Thanks so much for your very quick response!

Lovemy3kiddos said...

FYI - I live in Huntsville, AL. Went to one Publix earlier today, and only tried two... they surpressed the double on the Fiber One coupon, but still had a good trip - Spent $11.21, Saved $28.71! (even without the two Fiber one doubles!)
Later this evening, went to the Publix that is right down from my house... they didn't surpress the double on Fiber Ones... this was a much larger trip...Spent $50.48, Saved $48.85. (didn't have coupons for all, but I was VERY excited about several deals!!) Thanks!

Rstorey5 said...

I got many of the same deals at my local publix last night. Some of the items I wouldnt need at the moment but I know I will in the next couple weeks. So why not buy them if they dont go bad and I can get them now for $1 or cheaper instead of full price. My trip was $51.21. I saved $87. Most of my savings came from the b1g1 deals but I had $25 in coupon savings. I came out pretty good a publix this week. The most shocking thing to me is all 31 coupons were taken. Never fails that one or two of my coupons gets rejected for a reason I can justify.

thefrugalfreeloader said...

Thanks for sharing your deals, You did great! I love seeing everyones deals and I agree with you, If I can get something for Cheap or Free, then I am getting it! Someone in my family can really use it if I can't or It can always be donated to someone that is needy. I won't let my coupon go to waste if I don't have to.

Saving more than you spend is always the best way to go!

thefrugalfreeloader said...

Thanks, I love Publix!

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