Friday, September 17, 2010

Week-Ending Finales 9/17/10

Is it the middle of September already? I'm still waiting on some cooler weather,
let's say something in the 70's, however I don't see that in the forecast! Fall is
my favorite season and I am ready for it!  It's hard to resist wanting to buy all
these Fall decorations I  keep seeing in the stores, but so far I have done well
and continue to stick with my budget which unfortunately does not include
decorating for Fall right now!

My daughter has recently joined the dance team at her school and she is REALLY
enjoying it! It however comes with a price tag, First the uniforms at $76! And now
they have the opportunity to dance at a Hawks/Lakers basketball game at a cost
of $60 per person! That was a surprise shock to the budget, however she is very
excited and we want to be supportive so we will make it happen.

If the savings keep coming as easily as it did this week, then it should be easy to get
to the goal!

This week I went to Publix Twice here and here and then a quick trip to Bi-Lo

Combined total at All Three stores before any sales or coupons was: $183.64
Total after all sales and coupons were applied: $34.28!

Don't Forget to enter my giveaway going on HERE. There will be 3 winners,
who will win a grocery store gift card, $50 and two $25! (Ends 9/21)

How did you do this week? Link up to your savings posts or leave a comment below.
You can also post a copy of your savings to this site here! For more information on
that site, read the bottom of this post!

Also I would like to bring to your attention a great website:
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