Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Blog Award From

Wow, I just received a great email informing me that my blog was one of the sites
selected for their 2010 Credit Blog Award from It was a
surprise to me because I was unaware they were looking for bloggers to award!
I am happy to accept!

Here is a list of all the Frugal Blog winners and what CreditRepair.Org has to say
about them, I visit several of these blogs often already. They each have some great
 resources of their own to share!

"Our award winners have been successful in adopting a level of frugality in their life that has
 improved not only their bank balance and their credit but their level of happiness as well. 
These great writers will share their personal stories, tips and information on how they got 
from chaos to peace in their financial lives. Join them as they offer resources and guidance
 in living a more frugal existence in today’s crazy, keep up with the Joneses world."


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