Saturday, November 27, 2010

Make a FREE Video From Santa for your Child! So Cute!

Right now you can create a very cute and fun video for your child from Santa!
In fact, it can be custom made for a Baby, Child or even an Adult!
Your video will consist of Santa Claus talking to your child, saying their name,
and some fun facts about your child that will have them giggling!
You can even upload a picture of them for Santa's  Naughty and Nice book!
I did this for my daughter and was VERY impressed of how well it is put together!
The best part is that it is completely FREE! You can get Santa to mention their
age, grade, an item they love, a gift they are asking for, a special message that
Santa wants them to try harder at (school, housework, sharing etc..) It's just
all really neat!
You have got to try this! Just go HERE and make a video for someone you love!
I just know that anyone you send it to will love it!

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