Monday, December 27, 2010

My Kroger Trip 12/27! Paid $0.07 for $53 worth!

I haven't been doing the coupon thing as much lately. In fact, it's been a couple weeks
since I have even opened my binder! But after I got it all organized again, I decided I
really needed to get out and find some deals! Kroger was my first stop! I did better
than I had planned, thanks to a really helpful cashier! I was concerned on how the
Old Spice Deodorant and Body Wash deal would go because the coupon didn't
specify which deodorant had to be bought. The cashier looked at the coupon, and
and my products and said that everything is fine. The Body Wash was $3.50 each
but if you buy 4 you can get the extra $1 off each one with the current PG deal!
But the coupon for the free body wash product took off the $3.50 for each one
instead of the $2.50!
 The Kroger PG Mega deal is Buy 4 Participating items, Get $4 off Total. ($1.00
off each item)

Here is everything I got and coupons I used, if you can track down some Sunday
Papers from yesterday and have a Kroger card you should be able to mimick the
deals nicely!

4 Old Spice Deodorant Reg $1.89 PG Sale $0.89ea
Used $1/2 P&GeSAVER coupon
AND two $1/2 from P&G 12/26 insert
$0.56 for all four after coupons and instant savings!

4 Old Spice High End. Body Wash Reg $3.99 Sale $3.50 PG Sale-$2.50ea
Used four Buy Deodorant get Body wash FREE coupons from PG 12/26 insert
Coupons took off $3.50ea for total $14 giving me $4 overage!

3 Febreze Air Effects Spray Reg $3.29 Sale $2.59 Pg Sale - $1.59ea
Used $1/1 P&GeSAVER coupon
AND three $1/1 from  PG 11/28 insert
$0.77 for all four after coupons and instant savings!

2 Cover Girl Make-up sponges/puffs Reg $2.55 PG Sale - $1.55ea
Used $2.50/2 from PG 12/26 insert
$0.60 for both after coupon and instant savings!

1 Olay Facial Cleaning Cloths Reg $5.93 PG Sale $4.93
Used $2/1 P&GeSAVER coupon
AND $3/1 coupon from PG 12/26 insert
$1.93 After coupon and instant savings!

1 Herbal Essence Shampoo Reg $2.95 PG Sale-$1.95
Used $1/1 from PG 11/28 insert
$0.95 after coupon and instant savings!

1 Herbal Essence Hair Spray Reg $2.99 PG Sale $1.99
Used Buy Herbal Essence Shampoo get Styler FREE coupon PG 12/26
Coupon took $2.99 Off giving me $1.00 Overage!

2 Coast Soap 2 bar pk Reg $1.49 Sale $1.00ea
Used two $1/1 printable coupons here
Both for FREE after coupons!

Transaction #1 Total before any sales or coupons: $52.98
  Total after all coupons, sales and PG Instant Savings - $0.07!


Kroger Sale- Buy 5 Lean Cuisine or Hot Pockets Get 2 FREE

6 Lean Cuisine Market Entrees Reg $3.49 Sale $2.15ea
Used three $1/2 printable coupons here
$9.90 for all 6 after coupons!

2 Lean Pockets Reg $3.49 Sale $2.15ea 
I got them both FREE for buying 5 Lean Cuisines!
Used two $0.50/1 printables here
Gave me $2 Overage after sale and coupons!

1 So Delicious Coconut Milk Reg $3.79 Sale $1.99
Used $1/1 printable here
$0.99 after Coupon!

1 Bag Baby Carrots Reg $1.99 Sale $1.49

Transaction #2 Total Before any sales or coupons: $33.70
  Total After all Sales and Coupons used : $10.56

Today's Kroger Trip I left with $86 Worth of stuff for about $11!

Go HERE to Print them! 182 Coupons

to print using zip code 10011!!

Let me know if you find any great deals!

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