Monday, January 10, 2011

Coupon101: A Couponer's Lingo Guide


This is lesson 5 of a Multi-Part Series here at
To catch up on the previous lessons first, go here!

Before we dive in to learning how to put our coupon stash to best use,
It's important that we go over some of the acronyms and phrases you
will see a lot of! This guide will come in handy as you start your journey
of couponing! I have compiled a list of all the words I can think of that
you are going to run across. They are in alphabetical order for quick reference!

BLINKIE - Coupons that are found in little machines attached to store shelves,
                    Often have blinking lights and dispenses coupons one at a time.

BOGO  -  Buy One Get One also seen as B1G1

BTFE    -  Box Tops For Education, Found on General Mills products,
Schools get $0.10 for each Box Top Redeemed

CAT      -  Catalina, Coupons and deals that print out of a special machine,near cash register.

DND - Do Not Double (In reference to wording on coupons)

ECB - Extra Care Bucks, Earned at CVS for special purchases, to be
used on your next purchase.

EXP -  Concerning Expiration date of a deal or coupons.

FLIP -  Food Lion Internet Printable Coupon

GM -General Mills, refers to their coupon insert in Sunday Papers.

INSERT - Referring to the coupon booklets found in Sunday Papers.

IP -  Internet Printable 

ISO - In Search Of, often used for coupon trading.

IVC - Instant Value Coupon, Found in Walgreens weekly sales ads.

MIR -  Mail In Rebate.

MQ - Manufacturer Coupon

OOP - Out Of Pocket. Amount of money actually spent.

OYNO - On Your Next Order Coupons and deals you receive from one purchase,
to be used on your next.

P&G  Proctor and Gamble Usually in reference to the coupon insert.

Q -Coupon

RC -  Rain Check, given when a store is out of stock on a sale item.

ROLLING - Term Used, especially for Drug Store deals, when using your earned
store "bucks or coupons" from a previous transaction to buy more products that
produce more Free "bucks and coupons" This method is used to keep your OOP
low! (We will go over this more in a later lesson!)

RP -  Red Plum, A Sunday Coupon Insert

RR-  Register Reward, Earned at Walgreens on special purchases to,
be used on your next purchase.

PEELIE - Coupons that are found stuck on products, you remove them by
"peeling" them off.

SCR - Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid rewards program.

SS - Smart Source, Another Sunday Coupon insert

STACK -  Means Using a Manufacturer coupon WITH a Store Coupon
on the same product.

TEARPAD  - A Booklet or Pad of coupons attached to a display or found on a counter, You tear a coupon from the pad to use it.

UPC - Universal Product Code- The barcode found on coupons and merchandise to scan.

WAGS - Nickname for Walgreens.

WYB - When You Buy, A deal you are going to receive when you buy a product.

YMMV - Your Miles May Vary, or Your Manager May Vary.
In the coupon world, A certain deal may be at one store, but not at another.

Did I forget any? Let me know!

Stay tuned for Lesson 6 of the Coupon101 Series!

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