Thursday, February 03, 2011

FREE sample of Cheez-it Snack Crackers Plus More!

It looks like Cheez-it Snack Crackers are getting some new
flavors! They are spreading the word by allowing their
fans on Facebook to request a sample! Just go HERE to get

This Freebie has been added to our Freebies Database! If  you
haven't used it yet, you should check it out HERE and catch any freebies
you may have missed! You can even add the database to your own
blog by reading more info below!

Would you like use this Freebie database for your blog for your readers
to use? It's simple and Free! Simply make a new page for your Site/blog
and paste the code below on that page! The best part? The database is
completely maintained  by me! Once you post the code, there is nothing
else you need to do. Each time I update the database, it shows on your 

page immediately! Feel free to change the widths and heights in the code 
to fit your sites needs!
If you need any assistance or would like to help maintain the database,
contact me at Maranda (at) thefrugalfreeloader (dot) com

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