Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Update on Store Match-Ups for and apology.

I know that there have not been any match-ups this week, however I have made
the decision, to only do the very best deals match-ups.(Free, Under a $1 etc)
I have received a few emails asking bout the match-ups this week, and I have
replied, but also wanted to let you all know here too.

Matching up store ads and coupons takes A LOT of time. Depending on the ad,
it can take up to 6 hours per store! As I have said before, my site is solely ran by
me. I don't have a network of people working for me doing match-ups for me,
typing out ads and such. Many well known sites out there have a very large
group of people doing all the match-ups, though they don't always imply that is
what is going on behind the scenes. And I'm not saying there is anything wrong
with that, I just simply want you, my readers to understand that though I have tried
very hard in the past to keep up with the 5 stores and sometimes extra, I can
no longer handle the time and energy that it takes to do full ads.

I will however, continue to do the very best deals at the stores. It will give you
a more simplified view of the really cheap deals that may otherwise get overlooked
in a full ad post. I will also continue to post those deals with the printable list to
make for easier shopping. I just wanted to give you a heads up and also say I'm
sorry for those of you expecting the ads to be out yesterday. I am hoping this will
allow more time for other helpful projects I am working on for you guys as well as
allow more time for me to spend with my family. I will have all the great deals up
shortly. The grocery ads are always found at this link

If you run a blog, and do full ad match-ups for stores (Not just highlights) and would like me to link to your site so my readers can find the full ads, then please send an email to Maranda (at) TheFrugalFreeLoader (dot) com with the store you do the match-ups for. I will let you know if I already have someone covering that particular store. Thanks!

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