Thursday, March 17, 2011

Great Make-Up Deal at Rite-Aid... and I'm Still Here!

I know I haven't been posting many deals on this site lately, and
wanted to let you know I will still be posting deals here, however
I have been spending the majority of my time creating our new
Frugal Community. I launched it a few days ago, and happy
to be working with some great people and bloggers! If you would
like to take a look at what I have  created, you can check it out
the site here I am pretty impressed with how
everything has turned out. I have been  posting many  deals there,
as well as so have other people. 

I've tried to share those deals on Facebook and Twitter so my
followers don't miss out, but realize some of you may not have
a Facebook or Twitter. I invite you  all to come on over and be
apart of our community. I say "Our" and not "MY" because this
new site is a place where you have more control. You can even
post deals yourself, as well as upload your own photos and
videos of  your deal finds, and connect with other people who love
to save just like you! There is even a Referral contest going on
right now if you want to invite your Frugal Friends over with you!
You just might score a $25 Visa Gift Card!

So now that I got that out of the way, Let's move on to the Rite Aid deal.

I don't usually shop at Rite Aid, but unfortunately my little girl is sick and
needed some prescriptions filled. While we waited, I had a chance to browse
the store and spotted a whole area of $2 Make-up! Now some of you may
have known about this deal, but I hadn't a clue! There were so many Maybelline
Mascaras, Cover Girl Foundations and Powders and tons of Lipstick. All just $2!

What makes this even better, is the fact that there are coupons available on these
products making these cheap! $1/1 Maybelline Mascara Coupon in RP 3/6
and $1/1 Cover Girl Products in PG Sunday inserts. So grab some
name brand make-up for only $1! (I found these at my store in Cleveland,
but it may be everywhere)

This is a stock-up price, but the expiration dates may be close on these. So keep
in mind that make-up can start to break you out or cause other skin problems when
expired! It's still hard not to want to buy a ton! However here are some great ideas
you can do with any extras you purchase that you wont use.

  • Donate them to a Womens Shelter
  • If  a friend has a birthday coming up, you can include some in a gift basket.
  • Host a girls night where you can do makeovers on each other.
  • Throw a makeover party for your daughter and her friends!
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What are your ideas to do with extra unopened make-up?

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